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  1. Don't ever–EVER–do these exercises. I'm not sure what this moron was thinking making this video. TL;DR at the bottom if you don't want to read the whole thing.

    What'll happen (and even though I'm saying it, 100% of new shooters will read this and think, "Nah it won't happen to me, i'll be careful") is that someone will eventually push themselves with these exercises too far. Depending on what kind of bow you get, you could end up sending yourself to the hospital with a very serious injury and/or could end up breaking your bow. There is something called a dry fire, which is essentially drawing the string back and firing without an arrow. This is because when you draw the bow back, you're putting all the energy into the string: the idea is that when you release the string, MOST that energy goes into the arrow and some goes back into the string and limbs of the bow. If you dry fire, ALL that energy goes right back into the bow, seriously weakening it. And if you've got a compound bow, this is especially dangerous because compounds have a lot more moving parts. If you're doing these exercises without an arrow nocked, you WILL end up dry firing by accident. And with the third exercise, you're guaranteed to snap yourself in the face with a bow cartoon style, except there won't be anything even remotely funny about it.

    If you're looking to build up shooting muscles, please go to your local gym, find ANY trainer or ask a gym employee to direct you to a trainer, and tell them directly that you're planning on getting into archery and that you'd like to know some at-home exercises you can do to build those muscles up safely.

    TL;DR – you'll break your bow, break your face, or (possibly permanently) injure your hand if you do these exercises. Go to the gym and ask the trainers there what to do, you don't even need to join the gym, they'll give you at home exercises.

  2. Good to know! Haven't shot in years, well I strung my bow to show it to someone who wanted to see it and I found I couldn't pull the damn thing back anymore. Naturally that is horrifying! And so yea good to know!

  3. This is crazy. These exercises are not only dangerous, but they will ruin your shot sequence. He needs to stop these videos.

  4. Yea, like I'm gonna take exercise advice from people that look like that and shoot three under with a bow tillered for Mediterranean draw

  5. oh god, the body mechanics of the woman in the thumbnail are SO BAD i want to throw up into a bowl and drown myself in it

  6. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>>ur2.pl/936     I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

  7. What is the true art of Archery, shoot bar-bow or with sights and compound bows?
    I have just started to learn such art and feel aids for target shooting somehow excludes the original art.

  8. The killer is dangerous completely a no go. Drawing without an arrow nocked is just asking for trouble

  9. That three blink expression at 2:19….classic female body language expressing a healthy degree of general annoyance, usually at a man or a child.

  10. Dont do "exercises" 1 and 3. Trust me its a bad idea. Just don't do it. Especially if you don't want to get called out on it. As for shooting exercises, a bow is kind of like a rifle in the sense that the best way to get better at shooting it… is to actually shoot it. Get an Accubow if youre serious about archery and want to up your draw weight and become more accurate.

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