29 Replies to “How To: Expand Your Shooting Range | 1 Man Elevator Drill | Pro Training”

  1. He travels every time he shoots. This is becoming commonplace even at very young ages. Many referees do not understand what traveling is and so this move (catch the ball which establishes a pivot foot, then taking two more steps) goes uncalled.

  2. Best yet in YouTube! Can you do some pre-shot and pre-catch footwork. You know, like ball in the air, your in the air

  3. so how exactly is it expanding ur range? I'm all ready a 3 point shooter, I want the NBA 3 point range shot not like these college hoops I wanna blam the ratchet from afar

  4. Please do the flick of the wrist drill like the most successful way to score by the flick of the wrist

  5. Thank you for making this video and all your others. They are helpful to improving my game. Thanks

  6. Hey tony, thank you for the videos. I was wondering how high are you usually suppose to jump on a shot?

  7. Hey tony, i am just wondering what should be in our regular workout routine. I have not been playing basketball for quite a while and I'm trying to get back in shape.

  8. Could you make a video about contact layups please? I get fouled alot but the refs in the netherlands are not always that good and i still want to manage to finish. Thank you

  9. Elias noori, a lot of speed and agility in my opinion is genetic. But you can def work on foot speed and footwork to help make you quick and faster….check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4EvXa34r54

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