5 Replies to “How to Fence With an Epee : The Sport of Fencing”

  1. With a fleche, you want to put a bunch of your weight on your front foot like you are about to leap from that one foot. Instead of shooting vertically, you go horizontally, so you shoot forward. A fleche is more than a run; you are using your momentum and body weight to keep you going.

  2. You need to put this video down! seriously..i disagree in 99% of all that you said! you seem like a novice and should not be teaching other people fencing epee.

    Btw, FOIL FENCING is a great way for beginners to start..but one should realy just start training with the weapon of choice from the beginning.

    Best regards epee fencer for 18 years

  3. Im pretty sure theres a lot more to a bind than that and more to a fleche than straightening your arm and running forward

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