How to Fence Your Raised Bed Garden Using PVC

How to Fence Your Raised Bed Garden Using PVC

hello to all you gardeners out there I'm at my community garden here in Cincinnati Ohio and I wanted to show you a few of the methods that people are using to protect their gardens from the deer and a little bit of what they're growing it's the second week of May here and I really like this guy's design here it's all PVC netting clips and zip ties and what he's done is he has four sections here and it's all 5 foot length PVC the section on the end is 1 2 3 4 sections of 5 foot PVC held together by these elbow joints and the zip tie here is connecting the netting and on this end has the clamps holding it to the other ones that way he can open this up he'll open it swing it open and be able to garden this front section is the same as the back section there's two side sections here basically one two three four five six seven five foot sections one in the middle where corners are held together by these elbow joints and the middle for support is a tea joint on the top and bottom and down here he has it put together with zip ties to connect it to the other section so this side doesn't open but the other side does with those clamps down there and inside he's growing strawberries so I like his method he's got a second one over here growing things like beans chard spinach everything that deer would want to eat of course tomatoes and I heard this was actually designed by an engineer and it looks simple enough that I'm going to put it around my plot which is down there where all that PVC is copying his design and I liked it so much I wanted to put it up here so if you have any questions just leave them in the comments

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  1. Very practical indeed i did it but i could not find the clamps. Could you please inform me where i can find them in store ( home depot or lowes , or order online? Thank you for your answer.

  2. Why would he not use 3 way elbows in all the corners except the front which he removes to enter the garden?

  3. Thank you, thank you!  I've been looking for an easy rodent/deer barrier I could make by myself.  These sections should store easily in our shed for the winter.  Do you think it's necessary to glue the elbow joints with the pvc?  We have big winds where I live.

  4. Since then, everyone have already known that fencing is big help for protecting the garden from the sudden destroyers just like animals. It is really nice to know that PVC and nets can be very useful in making a fence for raised bed garden since wood trunks are no longer sufficient enough to be used nowadays. Thank you for lending me your effort just to make us learn the effective techniques. 

  5. There are really times we need to protect our favorite plants from an unwanted guests that might give destruction to our garden. Furthermore, these ideas are quite brilliant in a way of protecting such plant. 

  6. As we all knew, garden raised bed must have fence or barrier for the salvation of your plants and vegetables. Anyhow, sharing your ideas how to fence such raised bed is quiet satisfying. Nice post! 

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