How to Fight Someone Bigger and Taller Than You | Taekwondo Tutorial | TaekwonWoo

How to Fight Someone Bigger and Taller Than You | Taekwondo Tutorial | TaekwonWoo

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  1. Its much better to step inside of his guard rendering his strikes useless and weak. Staying outside allows them an oppurtunity to throw a wild punch and catch you as you step in. This is not a smart technique for a legitimate fight

  2. As someone who’s trained in old school TKD for almost 40 years I can tell you this guy is the real deal. This footwork is something I learned many years ago from a top point fighter. We called it the power slide. Very applicable w sidekicks as well. My instructor was a short Korean. He always emphasized footwork like this. A huge advantage against someone unfamiliar w it. I can remember using it for one of the first times sparring w a group of very good shotokan stylists. They were effective w grabs, sweeps and punches , but totally helpless against someone who could bridge the gap while kicking or punching, rather than bridging the gap and then striking. High level concept fr Master Woo.

  3. "Kick and run away". That is not a good advice for some reasons:
    1. Taller opponents have advantages over you in a distance fight, as their attacking range is much wider than yours.
    2. You are actually turning your back against your opponent, making you vulnerable to an attack. If you are in Taekwondo sparring competition, you will get you marks deducted as well

  4. my tykwondo teacher is short and he is a sixth degree black belt. If you ever saw him fight you would not want to mess with him😨

  5. Will this work in a street fight?, please someone help me i am a kicking guy not a puncher

  6. i want to join taekwondo im in 9th grade and im really short im like 5'1 and everybody is taller then me. and if i go to taekwondo for kids im afraid ill get knocked out by a kid because i barely started.

  7. Powiem dwie rzeczy, te kopnięcia są już dla wtajemniczonych, ktos bez podstaw w życiu w praktyce tak nie kopnie, ps. te przeskoki jak ktos go wyczuje mogą sie kończyć tym że nadzieje sie na jopa. Pozdrawiam !:)


    Fight examples always evenly match too much.

  9. I tried that, then got put punched in the face while kicking because my hands were down just like he is demonstrating

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