How to Film a Wedding – A Complete Behind the Scenes in 4K. Filming a wedding with the GH5

How to Film a Wedding – A Complete Behind the Scenes in 4K. Filming a wedding with the GH5

Well good morning happy Sunday to you. This is a much different Sunday than normal because I’m shooting a wedding today yesterday I had one and today is the second back-to-back weddings aren’t easy, but I love them, so let’s get to work I am really excited about today’s behind the scenes because today It is not me having to fill myself, so let me introduce you to Ricky what’s going on, man? So good to meet you to meet you Scott rig table So Ricky is behind the camera Ricky point the camera at yourself say hi yeah there He is so this is really exciting because we finally get to take you along for a little bit behind the scenes And I don’t have to try to do it myself, which is not easy at all first thing We always do is. We try to get to the salon together and Just introduce ourselves to the bride And then we film and then Pablo will leave in like an hour or so and we will And he will go to the next location Now this couple like most couples. I actually Haven’t met this couple in person so My first indication of who the bride is when I get in is hopefully that they’re wearing some sort of identifier like a white shirt or something that says bride And usually they’re the first group that come up to me and say hello, which usually is my in general indication We don’t need to bring the whole case in. Let’s just bring what we need okay? bride prep Without question. There’s one. We’re shooting it together There’s two things we use we use a 50 and at 7200 and that’s it we make it really easy Pablo always uses camera – I always use camera one for no other reason But identification after the fact because then when I bring in his entire camera I know it’s his we always checked before we start shooting sensors are clean because a single piece of dust Shows up really well in 4k When you’re cleaning sensors always point the camera down so the dust falls out and not around into the camera we always check that we are all shooting at the start of the day in 24 frames that we are on the same profiles and That we are where we want to be Good morning everybody Are we at the right place? Where that where the videographers there’s a lot of us right now, but you will not see us all day How is everybody I Lauren next to meet you you having a good day so far I’m Scott that’s Pablo And that is Ricky Ricky is the assistant and he shoots a lot of behind the scenes stuff and all that kind of stuff In here from the wedding. Yeah, okay, cool Typically in a bridal prep salute the situation will get here and just kind of the exam and figure out what we’re doing and figure Out what shots we want to get when they’re not really fully in makeup and hair yet we don’t want to shoot too much because we won’t really use a lot of footage because women don’t really like shots without makeup a pair Like if you’re around 4,500 to 5,000 ish and then just drop a little out of the yellow It’s pretty decent Because it’s fairly consistent light luckily. It’s not super tungsten like most places are right Really the lights that are creating more of an issue are the ones directly over people Make sure your microphones are of my reminder I always forget to turn around She said they’re only there till 12 get some like 60 frame stuff it’ll be better than you being here and us having two shooters at this tiny salon So when Pablo goes to another location we use these little slingshot Solo bags? They’re like real small. He’s only going to Groom prep the next time he’s with me. We’ll be together, but he’ll just bring a 50 a 70-200 cuz we both really like the 72 hundreds, and he’ll bring a couple batteries and Make it really easy a couple of batteries Gh fires have a pretty good battery life. So even in 4k we I would say Probably get close to two hours of shooting something like that. It’s yeah I don’t know really know what it is, but it works good, but he’ll it’s basically go with that to two lenses Which he already had 7,200 on and a monopod, and then the next time we meet up will be like two ish Cuz you’re at groom prep till 1:30 ish yeah, and then we’re setting up for the ceremony at 2:15 Yeah, where you’re going is where the bridal prep is so I’m just going straight to the battery batting cages They’re there for like the next half hour Get some shots as quick as possible then then you’re just gonna tell them you’re coming with them to groom prep Go there get your shots if they’re not getting ready right away, and you can get some establishes Just with the camera right I would say you bring the mafic, but I don’t even like to look at the footage anymore comparison It looks like a GoPro mmm Starbucks, we don’t always go to like ride prep with two people the only times we usually do are for the sake of Pablo needs to get the gear from me anyway So instead of him like getting it the night before he’ll just come with me to Bridal prep all introduced into the brought the couple. He’ll get all the giri needs, and then i’ll go to the next location I’m always going for basically like five to seven second clips, that’s it nothing long and all individual clips I Always like to really go for sequence shots different angles of the exact same shot, and it gives you stuff to cut between Kind of sets up the scene Usually in the sequence I will keep the same clip going Hey, just helps me quickly cut to it what I think I’m gonna Do is if it’s okay with you and if your mom I’m just gonna Go that way I can get the dress shop And then start getting some drone shots of the location so because when you get there I also want to get you getting you know in the final stuff so that they’ll give me an extra 15 20 minutes So I’ll do that tell her I’ll come and I’m just gonna just get the dress in the main details And I’ll figure out a cool place to put them Awesome all right. I’ll see you in a little bit. See ya So that is a bride prep Salon style salons are unless it’s a really really nice salon. It’s not anything Crazy so, but I was like to just go there I think it also I I I’ve never once in any wedding in my life been beat to a wedding from the photographer And that’s the way I prefer to keep it because it kind of gives me this like somewhat leverage of I’ve been with them all day and they appreciate that I show up early even if I don’t use a ton of shots I still like it but That’s it, so we’re gonna go now to To the house where she’s actually getting ready And we are going to shoot the dress stuff get that out of the way right away I know it’s really epic hundred thirty some acres So there’s gonna be tons of really good shots with the drill so I want to make sure they get plenty of time with that so let’s Do it I’m assuming that the ceremony which is super cool Is everyone walking down and they taking people down and tractor no I think maybe just walk right here. It’s super cool looking My assistant cancelled her son cracked his head. Oh Yikes, she’s not a picture. It’s bad, so she’s the PERS so I’m gonna be bouncing yeah this morning I have to go to Justin here. I’m glad I got that done, but they’re a little behind, yeah Well if we can help in any way we’ll do our best Yeah exactly screenshots that yeah Nice to meet you So they own a hundred and thirty-five acres so I think like That’s a lot. That’s like a lot of what you see But this is just a parents house. This is not where anything’s actually occurring except for I think maybe her getting dressed But I’m not sure, but we’re just gonna go get some dress shops. I always do that right away It’s a country themed wedding, so we’re gonna do our best to get something that somewhat represents that I’m not extremely tall so I Don’t know how? It’s possible for me to get it up there here, how about you just hold you can uh? You can just set you’re gonna set it down for a second particularly like to do some white camp stuff with the dress and I usually shoot that I usually use a 12 to 35 for that I usually have it at about 18 millimeters, which is essentially like 36 35 ish when I do the glidecam stuff cuz it’s I? Like a 35 millimeter when I’m whining because it’s a nice focal length I Will get my exposure and white balance set first a Lot of people asked if I use ND filters outside and the answer is you absolutely should But I don’t You don’t really get that kind of time with a wedding to flip around with Indies all day so I choose to Bump up the shutter No, I’m not telling you. That’s the correct way I’m just telling you when you shoot a wedding It’s really annoying to try to Change your To put an ende over and over it’s about correct there Okay I Also, always use manual focus when I am Doing glidecam stuff. I don’t ever Let the focus be determined by what it thinks that I should do also, I prefer glidecam over a gimble because this has no batteries I Don’t need any more batteries to have to worry about during a day I always do the same shot a couple times a couple of different directions to make sure that I got it Sometimes you feel like you got it when you’re shooting it Then you look in post and realize you definitely didn’t have it when you’re using manual focus on a gimbal or a glidecam or something You want to make sure that you try to keep your? Your distance from where you set the focus also I typically turn off any stabilization on the camera when I’m using the glide cam because it will sometimes try to adjust itself Get that focus I cannot tell you enough how important it is to make sure that you constantly check focus I don’t care if you’re shooting 26 K. If it’s not a focus It doesn’t look good. I really like to use some some reveals With glide cam stuff and all that once again check focus Okay, I’m happy with that so she’s bride’s gonna get dressed right now It’s just after 1 o’clock. She’s gonna get dressed. We’re gonna get typically obviously. I don’t get her getting dressed I just get her once. She’s in her dressing comfortable I’ll have her get in a good position to be able to do the final like zip up and button up with the Bridesmaid or mom whatever she prefers, so I will let her get dressed, and then I will go get some final shots Then they’ll just be hanging out until 3 o’clock I guess which is a long time for a dress, but it’ll give me plenty of time to get Some really good drone shots cuz there’s so much land here, which will be sweet so that’s I’m gonna do I’m gonna switch lenses Actually, no 12 235 is a good focal length if you’re not really sure exactly where something’s gonna happen because you obviously have a range I like the 54 those shots or for the 70-200 But I can guarantee that’s gonna be too tight for the if we’re doing in that room So that’s what round 2 Pablo is on his way with the what the groomsmen I believe and I think they’re coming to the same location So everything lives in this one Pelican case, which has wheels which is really sweet And then all the audio lives in the other small Pelican case So the good thing is all my lights my batteries my cameras my lenses all live here the other case for audio we just simply bring with the small Pelican case and then I have a large roller case for all the tripods light stands all that but it’s nice because everything’s three cases the only additional case is the Inspire obviously, which is like the size of all four of those cases combined its massive But I only take that out when I need it, and that’s it the good thing about that this 12 to 35 Lens is that I can completely handholds any shots. I want because between the stabilization on camera and the lens, it’s ridiculously stable so I can handheld I Use like a monopod just cuz I like the feel of it better But I could just pop this off and get the shots I need with no problem and no stability issues at all which is fantastic Yes So if it’s possible can we shut this light off and can I get you by this window more yeah, so we’re not using that Bright orange light Let’s just move this for a second It’s much better much better Just change this quick, I think can you look out the window for me, please a Little smile It does actually if you don’t mind if you want a weekend I’m happy to switch philosophy in a second and you can get a few That’s how it it’s how it works right yeah That’s completely fine. I understand exactly you need to get two. That’s no problem Just like you were just kind of like glanced out as you’re putting on like let’s just say they’re right here And then you can and then she can jump in it you can do if you do it again if you want Just cuz this is probably the best angle You seen it And then rate when your don’t put that one on yet, just going the motions of doing it And then that way she can get you. I’m actually putting one in Okay, and then just a subtle smile nothing great. You don’t look at me that But you can be happy it’s your wedding diary and You’re doing all the porches together of everybody after the ceremony Yeah, okay perfect all right. I’m gonna get some shots around the property and everything while you guys are doing these workshops So typically the only photos the only like b-roll I get of actual like photo session stuff is one that couples all together and when the Bridesmaids and groomsmen and everyone are together in one taxes and they’re not they’re not doing the first look so they’re doing all their photos after the ceremony, so that’s when I’ll get all my B-roll shots of the photo shoot and also get time specifically with them But I don’t get any specifically during this time. I’d rather utilize this time right now to get some shots of this property so Yes anything other than the inspire is not okay? now that I have the inspire to I literally can’t use any other drone because the quality difference between them is massive massive massive difference like not like I’m not saying that because I Bought the inspiring I want to make myself feel like I spent money, but literally when I look at Mavic footage now It literally is like I’m using a GoPro in comparison like it’s not even it’s at this point It’s not even usable so if I can’t fly the inspire I just don’t fly it all I use the Mavic for now is like vlogs Or like if I want to bring something in a book bag with me So the case that I have the nice thing about that case is that it basically has it ready to go Their propellers are the only thing you have to put on you don’t have to take the gimbal off You’ll have to put it in the landing mode. If you literally just put props on And you’re ready to go It’s just I mean at both 4k. Hypothetically, but I really liked this one shoots in 4k 60 because I Just really like the way it looks I Also, just it’s just that it’s just it’s hard to explain like what the difference is because they both obviously claim to shoot 4k, but Just the actual difference of the quality that You get on the file and the biggest difference too is like this has an actual micro four-thirds lens on it So when I’m actually doing shots specifically with a couple I can actually get like a GH v Look with depth of fields and like an actual real Actual look of a camera on a drone, so it’s not like the Mavic where it’s like okay? The shots really good, but the quality’s is so so it’s like the same quality only only with a drone So I have an ND filter on this I have a nd 1.2 On it something like that I usually shoot in like 6 the 10 aperture if I’m doing like if I want obviously things to be in focus and If I’m shooting 60 frames I shoot the shitter like 120 ish If I want even darker, I’ll just use a different NDB, but for the most part this will be fine Take off Monster monster, okay So right now. I’m just gonna get a bunch of establisher stuff of the actual Property here Typically when we’re doing actual drone work We will do two two remote controls so one person will control the camera together will control the drone But obviously when I’m by myself. I just do it myself but You can get you get a lot of flexibility of just how? Awesome it is when you can use two controllers because you can really focus on The flight path and let somebody else focus on what’s shot you can get The biggest difference to that you notice a lot in the inspire is it is a huge difference in your Overall like dynamic range. It’s it’s incredibly Different like so much better when you’re especially when you’re doing a lot of aerials like big mountainous scenes like this You just notice a huge difference in Being able to see clouds and sky while not blowing out the shadows down below. It’s just such an awesome awesome thing Or. I felt like the mapping you really had to make the decision like did you want do you want to see the sky or? Do you want to see? the ground and this like being able to see those both is just gorgeous And the other thing that’s important if you haven’t inspire is the fact that because it’s like a legit camera you want to make sure that things are in focus because things can actually be able to focus with this because It’s a true camera rather than Kind of that phantoms are everything’s kind of just in focus, so you don’t really have to worry about it But it matters a lot on this What are you guys doing now? Yeah She’s doing she’s doing that with the girls watch yourselves. She’s doing that with the girls right now and I Got some like overall establisher In general there’s not successful divert right there Gentlemen I guess how you doing I won’t bother you when you’re eating Scott. Good to meet you. How are you Ryan? Hey, are you doing? Good to meet you you doing all right? Yeah, sweet sweet right the moonshine Farms Sounds good That is offered everybody All right well then I’m gonna go I’m gonna Drive my car down to there to unload crap, and then I don’t know where me to park my car But I’m not gonna walk it down the hill It’s like a long hill like I’m not carrying my equipment on it, so I’m just gonna go unload my stuff I’ll get it out there and then Set up some stuff for the Reception our ceremony and then that way when you get there. We’ll be kind of ready to roll Looks like you like an alley commercial like that Like the way the way the thing is turned at everything it’s like That’s so funny The good thing is this will be a really cool ceremony location Not cool thing is if there’s like a hundred eighty people coming and they don’t really have a clue where they’re parking So that could be fun, but see Are you doing? Excellent Videographer I Do this I heard you guys go what the heck is that thing oh? Yeah Yeah, yeah everybody always scares everybody when you’re not expecting it around this area So I’m going to Just get this stuff like I just said over there for now. I’m gonna. I guess I’m gonna go put my car Yep, and then that’s that that one would probably put like legit in the cornfield almost I Thought we touched anyway, so once I get it set like it doesn’t have to be in it But just like a leg could be in yeah, yeah Either that or maybe because of the way this angle is because the way that this is like Actually raised we could put the safe camera back here and wide might look better actually Like just do the yeah cuz normally this would be in this guest would be in the shot Which is why I don’t want it, but they’re gonna be above everybody because of the way this is leveled We can put it right here and high and then that lake and the safe shot is nice really cool the whole time Yeah, that’s fine. So normally what we would do I don’t know if Scott already explained this but basically normally what we would do is we would just set up three Cameras the first one’s gonna be on this side Which is usually just a wide shot of everything the other one’s gonna be on the opposite side That’s usually my camera which I usually man And that’s gonna be a tight shot of the groom so while he’s having like his reaction or his vows I’ll be on that side making sure I get him tight and Scot is usually on the third Gh 5 which is he’s gonna be usually in motion and he’ll be moving around with his either Like a gimbal or usually he uses his a Steadicam and he’ll be moving around from shot to shot getting all those shots of like people coming down the aisle back and forth each way and Also, I’ll be basically a nice Center shot of like the kiss and also when they finish and they leave or they exit He’ll be right there ready for them So that’s usually what we do, but we also have to set up audio, which will take care of it a few minutes Would it be safer if I was like maybe here at the end of the aisle? No, that’s too similar. The other angle. That’s like to the same thing. I think that’s probably would be the best angle You’re just gonna have to fight Yeah, we’re just having monopod and get your groom reaction shot like over there and bring it back and put on the tracks Yeah, like keep the tripod there, but you just go on a monopod Over to that angle over there to get a shot the whole time They’re coming down the aisle and then just relocate okay to that so I’ll have a mono with me That’s cool, or we can do what we did last time and you can you can do a mono of the people coming down Recessional and all glide back here. Oh Frank you carry though. Uh-huh yeah Okay, we can do that, and then I’ll move anyway get the shot come back Yeah, get all those shots, and then you’ll go to your tripod. Yeah Completely unacceptable, just kidding. I’m so kidding. No it’s gonna be fine Typically we have them over over further angles, but because this weird angle. We’re actually just gonna put one back there That’ll basically be fairly tight the whole time meaning the aisle will be basically wide open like you’re not gonna block a shot in there this one it’s not a big deal if you pass through and Literally as long as you don’t stand in front of it the whole time. It’s completely fine bump this up. Just a smidgen I’m skinny. Yeah. Yeah, you can yeah No, that’s completely fine all right, so this give me the glidecam. That’s gonna be on monopod while they come down All right glidecam hearing me on that when they’re coming down the aisle you’re gonna then go to that. I’m gonna glide I’m just gonna put my camera on the tripod for now just And then you’re gonna track them coming down the aisle yep I’m gonna glide them down the aisle yeah, and then as soon as they as soon as the bride comes down I will Briefly follow her down the aisle and get a safe shot just standing there That’s fine and you’re gonna as quick as you can go back lock it down and Then tell me when you’re locked down and then as soon as you’re locked out I’m gonna take it off the glide camp and put it on a Monopod and get the shots I need to get okay Okay, so we actually have to use the camera that Ricky’s filming behind the scenes on so we’re gonna temporarily change the rx100 you’re not Gonna, hear audio. I’ll probably just walk you through after the fact of what we’re doing, but it’s time to get the ceremony going Stays like today that I’m excited that I don’t have the Sony’s Because they’d all be overheating For an outdoor ceremony I always will adjust to the brightest area because it might go through clouds But I don’t really care if it’s cloudy And then I adjust to that and then it gets right something it overexpose everything so I adjust in this situation. Love, it’s Super sunny, so I just adjust to that if it goes in clouds and gets much darker I’m not going to change the camera settings I’m going to keep it because I don’t want to make sure you know I can always make things a little brighter I don’t want people oh now. I’m probably going to Like Follow some of them sideways here because you’re going to be tight I won’t be in your shot Are they coming down on the tractor yes like all the way down to the bottom and then getting out yeah, okay? Okay So ceremony good everything went good. I mean it’s just hot I mean it was perfectly overcast day the entire time up until we have to the ceremony outside and we basically are insanely toasted Poplar recorded that let’s hope he did everything correctly you got the tripods broken down fresh battery All right the reception the reception starts in an hour Therefore there’s no way they’re doing much pictures here, and we got to get stuff at this reception So we’re just gonna head right there and start shooting establishes the reception and then we’re going to There they’ll do their photos to session there because there have plenty of sunlight so We’re just gonna head right over to the thing in They should make an umbrella hot shoot hot shoe mount on top of the GH5 a big umbrella So everywhere that I’m going. I’m in the shade oh This is gonna be fun So wrapped up the ceremony everything went well outdoor ceremonies can just be tough because the light is extremely harsh There’s really only so much. You could do so everything went good though. We were now headed over the reception It’s only about 10 minutes or so away, but everything’s it’s very early because it’s Sunday It’s an early everything so the ceremony reception actually starts in 45 minutes Which is not a lot of time at all so we’re kind of running last second here. Yeah, let’s go let’s bring let’s bring Stuff wheels are on that side, so let’s just get this and this Will see how much room we actually have here hold this record at the reception location It’s a place in a new Tripoli, Pennsylvania called old homestead nice place. Hey We are Oh Awesome, are you ginger? Hi? I’m Scott so good to meet is videographer. Sorry. I have no right hand here nice to meet you Pablo and this is Ricky Ricky doesn’t Say that this place is beautiful is your new venue right is the new one is the new one Beautiful Okay Perfect yep. Yeah, well. Yeah once you go do that we’re gonna Go we’re gonna go set up a few things that we do for this, and then I assume they’re gonna do pictures later They’re not before the reception Okay well we’ll get some stuff set up and we’ll be ready to roll. Thank you I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re the deejay She’s been Scott getting me to the videographers How you doing? What’s your name John John good to meet you my name’s Scott table put on the mixer meet you Ginger where’s the head table? Back inside okay, so their back is to the wall right that’s all that’s not that’s not how I Wait a minute they’re up against that block that box hey, yeah Sweet sweet not many options for the speeches the lights are gonna have to go over there I Have to go over there, and they’re gonna have to stand here, or here actually I don’t want to do here because you’ll see the light reflection from that angle To there off this thing so did this Ish, I mean it’s good thing is there’s lots of dance floor real bad thing is just a really weird place for the head table All right, can you get light stands out and get lights on them, and then we’ll start to get them in position momentarily Look yeah Yeah, we’re not getting the option they’re not gonna give the speech out here Well typically we light we put the lights in an area that are good for speeches and Reception, but that’s not good possible here. We’re gonna have to have have two different locations because We’re that we like they meet we like the speeches to be The couple is looking at the bride and groom, and then we like them from an angle and shoot from the other angle But that’s not gonna work for the whole time because the lights will have to be over there, and they’re not gonna be on It’s going to be writing that right in that zone Yeah, then from the other angle it should be good. Let me see a camera So I use torch LEDs which I love, and I put them high in a stand the great thing about them Is that their temperature controls and? remote controls, so I can turn them on when I want and I can also adjust them accordingly All with the remote control and like I’ve said the key is You always shoot From the opposite angle of light. It’s never shoot at the same direction of lights, or it instantly looks Like amateur what then it gives a nice And what it does is instead of me instead of me exposing to this and bumping up him so that he can be exposed and then the rest of it’s all really exposed which I don’t like I can drop down the ISO light him up and Get a nice side profile light That’s good Yes, good And if they keep these doors open the whole time Is that’ll play a big factor into the way? Well, it’ll just be a whole new set of lights I’m a shift light love lighting changes. It’s good. All right after we said all right Kate public Can you hook up the define for dead batteries like that are in that little area and? Power them up in there in that little thing And I gotta go get audio set up for the DJ. So we use power banks and these little USB Things that could actually so instead of having to find power outlets It’s entirely charged From the power bank, so you can charge batteries wherever you are rather than having to find power outlets Feel like the nice air moving in here is it or is it hotter? That’s funny hey Do you mind if I patch out of your line out to get a feed? since you got a power to make this so easy and nice and Super clean. I love it all good. Debt. Is that gap tip I can I can get another piece to reroute it clean for you If you don’t – I can get some, I just like to respect your cleanness. I love the cleanness So when you are plugging into power Systems you can always basically go out of their line out with XLR and it works really really well What I always make sure that I do is However, they are keeping their cables nice and clean I run the same route with them So if they’re nice and clean against the pole I always will run Clean the exact same way You never ever mess up their look especially even if they are messy and it’s wrapped around a hundred times Just rabbit around hundred times with their cables you never want to change what they did so once they get it all set up But any time it’s powered speaker a powered speaker will always have an XLR line output Which will basically just be mirroring the same thing that’s going in I really like the speaker as my main source of audio Coming from there because that way Anything he sends to the speaker will always come to me as well if you run out of their actual mixer You can take the chance that they’re not sending you something that they’re actually sending so I like to run directly on the speaker It’s just safer, and you don’t have to worry about them forgetting which happened to happen at a wedding recently luckily I look at the audio and noticed it, but they gave me a line out of their mixer thought It would be all perfect and ideal, but they never turned the output on which is not what you want So getting it out of here gets me a mirror of exactly what they’re getting I Can get my piss no baby. He’s over there now Pablo. Can you bring me the gaff tape please from the audio? Just give me two small pieces Hit record and put it on the holes Never take the chance and I always just set it up right away and turn it on and record it that way No matter what I don’t forget later on to do it I don’t care if it’s one massive file that I don’t need I can delete what I don’t need But I like to make sure that it’s recording Set it up and be good to go Batteries are charging batteries are charging I Haven’t sent me the 200-year with the new fresh batteries. Well. It’s a question for you. There’s now it’s now an OK time I don’t want to disrupt it for the speeches normally. Can we have the couple Stan? We have the person giving the speech Stan in the center the dental and they look at the head table But this is clearly a very different setup than normal. I really prefer to not have them stand next to them Just because I don’t like the way it looks with them looking up the whole time at the person giving the speech My thought was that You see where the lady with the that’s people with the tray right now is if they stand on the other side of the table in the midst of everybody and like but like facing the couple and looking at that area It would actually look really nice on photos a video based on the fact that the people would be in the background really really nicely Rather than them standing cuz that because they had that big huge white box Like if they were standing like that I’m gonna stand there gawping signature like this Because it would allow me it would allow me to because what I’ll do is I will I specifically light the speeches. They look, so they look really really sharp on the actual speeches and It’s really the only place. I can think of that will like in this room That’s not entirely Unnatural because like the head tables because normally I would say it’d be easy to do it out in a big dance floor which is Why we do it that way? But they’d be so far away the only other thought would be Like because I know this couple would be okay with it It would be if we want to bring them like bring them out for the speeches and have the person be in the center But they won’t carry they won’t care either way Is that okay with you then what I’ll tell them is you’ll I’ll tell them you’ll go there and announce from there like Who the people are giving the speeches? Exactly, and I’ll tell them to just look for you Yeah, and I’ll just tell them just looks for it just look for him. He will be there ready to roll Perfect awesome appreciate it and what’s the order your is everything straight after another dance is right in the toast right away So if they get done with all the dancing you’ll have everybody seated and then first dance, okay? Perfect okay, so you’ll just once they’re done doing their dance You’ll have everybody sit, and then you can just go now them from that era be perfect awesome So the really important thing that I do is make sure that I let everybody know Photographers DJ’s people give me speeches. Everybody what I want to do for the actual set up So no one’s surprise, but I like suddenly me throwing it out there. How’d it go get some photos While you’re doing that I’m going to talk to you can be can live for this speeches That’s okay for this speeches since those are really really important part of like what we get for the film sake In normally my situation would be that I would set them up in the middle of the dance floor And they would look at the head table This is clearly a different setup what I’m gonna compete against the back wall with a white box behind it like electrical box It’s just kind of weird so what we’re gonna do the G I talked to DJ’s already And I’ll talk to people giving the speeches you see with a guy and the backwards hat is standing right there eating Yes The person giving this speech will be basically faced the opposite way looking at them in the middle of everybody And just for that specific thing I light them from from what angular look It’ll it’ll be the same color temperature as the actual lights And it will look anywhere you shoot besides that angle will look really really good for it So he’ll go and announce them from there and say so and so is gonna give a speech They’ll come to that area and then it’ll be perfect and then the rest of it. They’re obviously they’re doing first dance No parent dances and going right into the speeches, so it’ll be awesome, sweet all right so now I’m gonna find the person giving this speech and make sure that they’re aware what’s happening too. On the right side of the tables like look where I was shooting just put one there and get it and basically set it up About that level and then put one to the left of the DJ. like in almost kind of at the front of where the ah… Where that little table thing is over there whatever that thing is We’re not gonna like the dances because it’s gonna do absolutely nothing because there’s too much light flooding in So it’s just gonna be like we’re let’s use the natural light like we would use the other light so just set that up Maybe set that up That corner like behind the gift table so then you can use the natural light rather than shooting into it I think what you could do is I’ll use the natural light for the beginning of the entrance But then for the rest of the entrance. I think you could actually glade with them through the wood there… Yeah, and that’s why I’m thinking But if you shoot if you shoot like shooting at us this direction right if you shoot at us shooting this direction Yeah, yeah And I will glide with them on around because oh thank these people over there by the bar at that time now there won’t be See yeah just put one just set one basically far corner like just against the wood so it’s not in the way of people pick up and Have a yeah, and the same 70-200 that we put on this for the entrances. We’ll just carry and bring to the speeches over there, so two tripods But just keep just one camera moves and the other one will be the seven that will be the 24 to 70 all glide with It for the dances and the entrances and I’ll give you it and you’ll get the reactions with that same camera But not the glidecam so what we do every time yeah Okay, so a lot of people like to know how to make sure that people stay where they’re supposed to when you give a speech Let me show you exactly how the key is you just tell them where you need them to stand they won’t leave If you ever have an issue where they don’t stay in a certain spot or they don’t go to that spot because you haven’t talked To everybody talk to the DJ the photographer the person giving the speech and they won’t leave the area Are you giving your giving the speech right? Yes, you and good you doing good. You ready well. I was just asking you I was like That’s I was gonna tell you so right here They’re gonna put you I don’t like you standing next to the couple because it doesn’t look good so he’s gonna put you right here and You’re gonna. Talk to the couple, okay, so he’s I’m gonna. Have you lit really well I’m gonna make you look amazing on it, and I’m gonna make you sound even better so the key is for me You’re gonna as much as you can you you can have a little freedom of obviously like Talking try not to leave this whole zone and like go over there. I don’t Look right on the mall fantastic even better And the key and the key is just be really confident than like even even if you’re not confident speaking just don’t do this Because we won’t hear anything effective so just be confident and keep it consistent I’ll light you so they’ll also be a bright light, so you’ll actually probably not even see people which will be fantastic for you You’ll feel good a bit, but just stand here like you’re talking to a couple don’t pay attention to anybody else It’s literally the DJ will announce you from here So you’ll know where you’re gonna come you’ll come up to him get the mic from here And then just talk as much as you can you obviously want to talk to the couple right if you have something to say to People you can kind of glance around, but your main thing obviously you’re doing is talking to the couple So just really you can focus on them and no one else is even here And I’ll make you eat even if you’re not a perfect speaker and the film will make you sound amazing So you just you just be confident sounds awesome. Thanks back it sounds so clean so clean I Love that love it Once again on the glidecam I never shoot autofocus Even if you have great autofocus, it’s still hard because there’s so many people and faces that it wants to grab everything but Usually what you’re getting so I usually choose a length, and then I just basically stay at that zone You want to just actually just get over here and not be as concerned with their I’ll get that When everybody have had a seat, I’m taking that camera from you and putting right in that tripod You’re taking this from me and
getting the reaction shots.
-Where’s the mono? Probably over there, but just leave the tripod here Give me that kid back camera is gonna swap to the camera over there, okay, and just do this alone with that. Yeah Let’s give it up All right this time You just so you know there’s gonna be a lightness for the people who give you the speeches right here? Sorry, if it blinds you for like five minutes Excuse me folks -Good afternoon everyone… (inaudible)… -Yeah yeah, here we go… (inaudible) I like to basically frame them very dramatically and I framed them to the right of the shot and have a little frame a couple to the Okay, so something important to…
Something important to understand the way that I did this the reason I told Pablo to go on the Other side if you’re not familiar with that the golden 90-degree rule is make sure when you’re shooting with two cameras specifically that kind of thing You’re on the same side because if I frame them so that they’re to the right I want the couple frames the left so they’re talking to each other if he’s on the opposite side of me like he was He would be framed right. They’d be framed right and they both It would be facing the same way in the shot, which looks really bad So always make sure that you stay on the 90 degree rule It’ll make sure that they’re talking to each other and not both looking at somebody that doesn’t exist get it This cameras fine Give me that actually here bring the thing both tripods back, and I’ll use this and just got me a light Thanks guys appreciate it. It’s great Also, I’m holy I always make sure I always make sure I’m just insanely friendly to people Because I’ve said it over and over and over when you were a kind person In life, but in general when you’re a kind person to other vendors They will always always want to work with you again, so even if a situation does not go as planned I will still always be nice. You will never see me change my attitude Even if something’s not going as planned be kind of people you will totally swim in business Now we’re gonna do cake shots Any detail shots we always liked because we like him to look how we want them to look and the golden rule with life just Like you saw in the speeches is to get your color temperature correct as Paul was doing getting it correct you’re not really gonna be able to notice that it’s correct to that camera, but he will get Do a blends between day a little bit little warm inside it Yeah, yeah Yeah, right there, that’s good like that And this is a good song by the way, so then I will get my exposure to his light Stabilization on these things is stupid good, so I literally can do recreate it and slider shots with just my hands The shot so I’ll always do it again if they go to my shirt Out there before 30 because it’s going to go behind that mat like yeah Probably 30 the best lucky the best place is at the very top, which you’ll let us go Because the higher up you go the longer the more Sun you get to They’ll let if we have time. They will let us with the cart go all the way up To the very top it looks it looks amazing up there we do it. It’s just a matter of I mean, it’s like a probably take Six seven minutes to get today like just driving alone I’ve just f.y.i thrown it out that I’ve walked in this course it freaking sucks Well you see the amazing thing is they have this incredible you can’t see you can only see the one piece of the lake right there That goes all the way over It’s a massive lake so if we get them on the 10th tee path the 10th holes we get them on the 10th tee box I can just glide that along the water all the way to them. It’ll look majestic like that’s what I want to do It keeps that ready to go Oh, that’s your 72-hour vai keep that and ready to rock on this make sure that when you go out there That you have battery life It’s setting beautifully not the second go now I would say 20 minutes ish it’s gonna look absolutely beautiful And I’m thinking that will get a little bigger really quick and simple But there’s that 10th tee box that is on the water I want to glide all the way down the water when you guys are like on the tee box really nicely And then we’ll hop in a car get a quick one a little bit higher with the Sun set the photographer’s gonna come with us We’ll do it all real quick okay, and then we’ll be done. It’ll be so worth the 15 minutes. You’ll so 15-minute ish Ginger like 15 minutes, we’re gonna take them I want to get like one shot on the 10th tee box because I want to come over the water really really nicely She said they’re okay, but 15 minutes for now like even if it’s foods being served at that time Yeah, she said and then we’ll boil it moving tops 15 minutes, and then we’re gonna come back Ideal a situation yeah, can we get th…
If we have that many cars? I used to do that seven days a week I played that much ball, so I’m experienced Prep that bad boy it needs new batteries, and I’m going to bring an extra set of batteries to I’m gonna lead this case right here. We’re just gonna carry the drone, and you’re just gonna bring monopod and 70-200. That’s it our C’s good these are good So the inspire has very big batteries, and it uses two at once and I have eight of them, and they’re Big and expensive, but they’re worth it, and it doesn’t fly as long as like the other drones do it flies maybe 20-ish minutes ish but 20 glorious minutes we can’t forget these batteries Yeah, what all right well, we’re coming down this way so just run out there make sure that they come over here Whatever just get them about just get them just get them over here Come on come on It’s gonna go quick All right, we’re going to the 10th tee which is a fantastic hole With a lot of water to the right that I’ve been in many times All right, so we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna have to do all of it like fairly quickly No you don’t need the flowers with you you’re gonna stand just watch your legs do not get cut on those please Come right over here It doesn’t matter So usually what I have them do if it’s okay with you They’re just gonna just be in love and do their thing just you guys look beautiful. Just like this oh My goodness is that Sun good that Sun is amazing ah you moved. I’m gonna do it one more time She keeps moving Are you fairly tight on them if I come down a little bit, are you okay, are you okay sure okay? Keep looking at each other being loved the easiest thing we could ask How about when it come real though probably in your shot This is ridiculously good that water looks like a green screen The reflection over top it is ridiculous just keep being in love keep it going Ridiculous, oh my goodness oh My gosh believe wholly about what reviewing No-brainer if you were if you were filming weddings and you were not eating Your dumb, yeah Sorry to say yeah And we always at basically at this time we always not that we could change anything anyway, if it wasn’t good but we always just like to look at our footage and just get a get a feel right now for Are we really wanted where we want to be or is there something else we need to somehow figure out how to get more of? Or better up to fill Basically the film this is an 8 to 14 minute film, so it’s the longest when we offer meaning. There’s lots of stuff we need So when we’re initially reviewing, it’s not like we’re saying. Oh we need to go reshoot that it’s more of that if we felt like Sometimes when were rushing around we don’t get a chance to actually like shoot as many establishes as we want all that We’ll get a feel for okay if we don’t have enough establishes of this or this or this We got to figure out how to get more Establishes or something this I know we have a lot up because we’ve just shot a lot of it, but I have ear rings And I’ll bring them back to you. Thank you so much What I want to use this wood over here Because it’ll see it’ll get the country feel To put it a shield on lower the intensity and we’re going to get it real close Yeah now we’re talking now, we’re talking, baby Yeah, and probably can go warm it a little more than that The focus is so pristine when it’s this close though if they’re really like All right so right from that angle And don’t hit the fence, so it doesn’t shake it, but just like give me a little Movement of light hold on a second, okay? Can roll back Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed. This is a little bit of a different behind-the-scenes Hopefully it was much more helpful because I didn’t have to film myself, but everything went basically as planned But as you can see in a wedding one thing that I absolutely learn every time I do wedding is the fact that It’s you can only plan so much. You can only do it so many times It doesn’t matter how many weddings you’ve done, and how well you’ve done them they really decide what the actual days like the speeches the ceremony the way the day flows you can plan to achieve and Still things happen that you don’t expect and the great thing about the wedding industry is it really teaches you to work Kind of on your heels, and if you can’t handle the pressure it ain’t the business for you But I love it because everything else outside of a wedding seems like cake but I hope you enjoy it Hope it was helpful leave a comment below. If there’s anything else that I could answer for you There was a lot in this it’s a long behind the scenes, but I hope it was super helpful I’m super thankful for Rikki for coming out and getting some shots. This was awesome. If you want to film some behind the scenes stuff First of all you got to check with Ricky if he approves and lets you take the spot then you can do it reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram but thank you so much for watching smash the like button if you liked it comment if you want to see more like this but If you come and say you want to see more you might want to offer your services, so thanks for watching We’ll see you soon. Good night

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