what is up y'all today is another day out here at CWC in the Philippines and today I'm going to teach you how to do the front roll the front roll is one of the basic inverts and can be one of the first if not the first flips that you learn so yeah let's just get straight to the point the tricks that you need to know how to do already before you do the front roll is basically just know how to edge on your toes have a solid toe side edge and how to jump toe side off the kicker and that's pretty much it also this isn't necessary but it could be pretty helpful is just knowing how to do a front flip on a trampoline or off a diving board and in the water you don't have to know but it could help a bit when edging into the kicker you're going to want to have a kind of medium edge not too hard not too soft you can hold on with either one hand or both hands but if you hold on with both hands while edging into the kicker you're gonna want to let go with your back hand right before you hit the kicker one important thing about this trick is you need to actually have the balls to try the trick so you need to be committed before you even hit the kicker to actually try the front roll if you're gonna be scared and not flip you might you might end up landing on your back or something the crashes on this trick aren't hard at all so if you do come up short and land on your butt or back it's it's not a big deal you'll just try again and you'll be fine after your medium edge towards the kicker you're gonna want to make sure that your back hand is off of the handle and as you're hopping onto the kicker you want to make sure you flatten off and be perfectly flat on top of the kicker as you are going up the kicker you're going to want to push off at the very top make sure you wait till the very top of the kicker and push with both legs and make sure you throw your head forward and up front flip rotation square with the cable you will throw yourself forward in a normal front flip rotation you may or may not make the full flip on the first try sometimes you'll come up short and land on your butt or just fall back on your butt but the crashes aren't hard so don't be scared just make sure you get up and try again a lot of people do end up falling on their butt on the front roll that is actually the most common crash for this trick if you do end up doing this make sure that after you do the rotation after you do the flip make sure you're kind of looking towards the shoreline or at least in the direction you're going and that will really help you get forward and over on your toes so you can edge away on your toes and ride way so basically you're gonna have that medium edge and as you approach that kicker make sure you drop that backhand as soon as you get on the kicker make sure you flatten off and as you approach the top of the kicker start pushing while you push throw yourself in that forward front roll rotation and after the rotation make sure you're looking towards the shoreline or kind of the direction you're going kind of spot the landing to make sure you land nice and soft with your knees bent and just ride away on your toes and that should be it so yeah that's basically how you do a front roll make sure you guys don't overthink it though because at the end of the day it's just a front flip rotation and I'm pretty sure you guys can all do it and yeah if you want to see more tutorials like this make sure you guys subscribe comment on what tricks you guys want to learn and make sure to give me a like yeah I'll see y'all next time peace you


  1. In my list for the next invert to learn! Hope it is gonna be the same easy as Tantrum! Always been curious if Front Roll is easier than Mexican Roll? Cause TS seems a bit more tricky for great and stable edging….

  2. HS FS 360 please!! I'm so close yet so far, the line tension and handle pass are my main problems I think. Cheers bud!

  3. CORRECTION: 😂 Thank you even if I am **NOT a good rider. 😀 @JB ONeill will keep watching your video!!! Thanks JB my new idol. ^_^

  4. Dope video dude !!! I enjoyed that … Keep up the great content … I make shred videos too … Check out my channel … Cheers

  5. I'm loving all the content you're pumping out. Hasn't been much to choose from in the past so it's nice to see you, Dave Av, and David O so frequently. Especially during the winter months.

  6. Great 👍Thank for this tutorial I will try soon the winter will be over. Can you make an other tutorial about a back roll?

  7. Try pressing your chin against your chest so you don´t just dive right down
    That actually helped me learn it

  8. Dude could you look at this short vid Of me Struggling to land backroll

    I get plenty of height and rotation and I land on my feet except there's an unnecessary twisting motion that does not allow me to land properly. Been trying for2 years now. I can do h.s. 360 w2w but not a backroll🤣

  9. I can backroll on a boat. Is the front roll easier than back on a cable? Advice which to do first on cable?

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