How To Get Big Landscaping Jobs $100,000+

How To Get Big Landscaping Jobs $100,000+

how do you get your first six figure job man dude this one we’re at right now is the biggest one we’ve done and it’s not the biggest one we have on schedule though I have another one it’s a high six-figure job pretty cool my first job was like $600 and I was like blown away I was like dude that’s the biggest job ever because what I was doing before was mowing lawns so when you’re mowing lawns 600 bucks you’re like oh my god six hundred dollars I just mowed 24 lawns in one day so when I had that job I was like blown away on my dude we made it we made it we made it to the top and what I didn’t realize was that was nothing we’re building a fence all the way all the way down look man starting the fence so look all this area right here is going to be all lawn over there’s gonna be concrete over here there is going to be like a little kitchen bringing it in man could you take the other two and put them over there the fence is done that was quick that only took like two days check it out man just that little piece that’s how short we were on wood can’t be short on wood man offense when I’m quick it was not long for the fence to go up now it’s time for the retaining wall this is also going to go pretty quick so before we used to put the retaining wall on a bed of Base Rock and now what we do is we put concrete first and then we just lay the blocks on top check it out the retaining wall almost done only thing that’s got to go on as the caps these sprinklers are in crazy it’s a lot then this goes all the way this is for the main line because we need water so this is where the main is when the guys built the house they only put one pane and this is it right here and it goes in like that and also the sprinkler wire goes in here too so I started this whole landscaping deal January of 2016 and my very first job was for one of my friends mom Barry got me a job and I was so excited well actually he didn’t give me a job he just introduced me I had to close the deal he made an introduction so I he gets a little credit maybe this much I shut the deal down because I convinced her I’m like listen trust me I will do this I will do this great this is going to be a great job and they trusted me and we signed the contract it was for like 20 grand now that job should have been for around 40 but it didn’t matter to me I didn’t I actually didn’t make a dime on that job but she was nice enough to where I was honest with her until her listen I’m like I’m going negative when I can you help me out I don’t need to make money I just don’t I don’t want to go negative and they did help a brother out and I appreciate that yeah man look at this I got a little skid steer action whats up bro finally here been waiting for this thing you’ve been waiting for hecka long yes no worries it’s all good how you gonna get this up need a forklift to get this off and i can off load my self peeep peeep

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  1. been watching your videos all day 💰💰💰🏃🏃🏃🏃 so motivated i see and learning so much . i need to get in cardone U

  2. Bro the end product is awesome keep up the great work! You get my support from San Leandro CA! Where that towing company is from!

  3. Why did you not back fill the Retaining Wall? Just curious if it was because of the height it was or if you did it off screen

  4. This guy is the perfect example of living in the land of opportunities , hard work pays off , good job dude

  5. Hey tigran my brother in lawn knows how to do all this he does it for a living do you think it would be a good idea to start out doing this on the weekends because we both work ur doing great work man keep it up

  6. Seriously dude😲 can you teach me how to get there? I want to grow with my landscaping business too and I'd love to learn from the best – you. You're doing pretty well with your business…

  7. Hey man just started watching your videos very motivational. I'm in the brokering business myself but I take loads of plants up to landscapers, it's a pretty sweet but bitter business sometimes.. what variety of plants do you guys use?

  8. A mini excavator will change your life!
    Also you should consider installing a backflow so that you can install below grade valves in boxes. Looks cleaner.
    Great videos!

  9. Once again eyes sores great work all around just a big eye sore seeing finished work and looking at exposed irrigation valves…..

  10. so stoked i found your channel dude, i'm mowing lawns and gardening at the moment, hope to make it to where you are one day!

  11. Hey nice vid man! Have you used dodge projects agency to obtain big projects? Or any agency's where you bid for work?

  12. +TigranGertz.  Love the channel man . Very motivational!!   Do you sub contract your crews or are these your own crew? And how much was made total for the fence and what did you charge for that fence? Very nice   Thanks great job!

  13. Hey Tigran, I just discovered your channel about a couple of months and when I first seen your videos and you were talking, I said to myself who is this guy trying to be like one of the boys? But as I watched your videos I realized that that was just you and your videos have me alot of money and the way you present what you do, is alot more informative then some of the others I have watched. I am also going to buy into your programs you charge for because your work is in the direction I am heading.You are doing a good job with sharing all of your experiences, keep them coming and make that money.

  14. Hey man, I’m nowhere near getting my house but I want to buy a house and built a nice outdoor area on a few acres possibly. I would like to know where you are located even though you probably aren’t near by. Thank anyway loving the vids

  15. hey my name is Erik I'm trying to start my landscape company I want to know how did you grow so fast what did you do or use .

  16. U big time bra lot of workers are they subbed either way good ish no hundred thousand jobs in my area but I get it done small potatoes to u but make room I’m coming

  17. I thought you're first landscaping job was a $600 mulch project. Think you replied on someone's comment saying that. Anyway good vid man!

  18. Nigga you live in California?!?!? If i had a landscaping company in cali I would be making money like this as well.. unfortunately i live in toronto where landscaping is only done during the summer and spring season which is really only 4 months.

  19. What level of landscaping or building qualification do you have bro? Also how big is your team/ how much work do you contract out to others?

  20. So are these $100,000 + jobs in California?
    Also is this money that goes in your pocket without everything else?

  21. You only get these big jobs because your white. If it was a black or hispanic owner of a landscape business they most the times they won’t get big jobs. My dad is hispanic and owns a landscape business and he hired a white guy to do the estimates/quotes and we have gotten a shit load of jobs. Before my dad hired our white friend to do the estimates we honestly never had as much work and money as we do now. We are not racist i love white and Black people but we just think outside the box and it works

  22. i work for a landscaping firm and me and my boss have nearly finished completing a 4k worth job in 2-3 days

  23. I think this guy finds jobs while driving around and says they are his. No equipment with his name on it, not any dirt on him, etc. I have friends in this business and do millions a year and they just don't stand around with a dumb hat on and talk. I call BS on this joker.

  24. Not to be racist. I’m Mexican af. But. Why do U always have some Mexican workers. compás. You don’t miss treat them do u. Doubt it

  25. you're lucky to have a crew of mexicans doing all the work and knowing wtf there doing. No Mexicans like that out here in Canada

  26. Smh
    This guy is wearing some gay nikes.

    Come on man you gotta wear some work boots. 🤔😖😕

    He looks like a serial killer.😐

  27. Good for you man, the big door just opened for you, uniform your guys for a more professional impression and better businesses, landscaping is art and in my case a passion.

  28. You don’t…. because you lie about how much your jobs are worth. Fucking idiot, nobody would spend that much on landscaping.

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