How to Grab a Scarecrow – Wakeboarding Tutorial

How to Grab a Scarecrow – Wakeboarding Tutorial

according Morgan lads and lassies and welcome back to the YouTube channel so today we're gonna do a tutorial now bear with me it's not a basic tutorial it's not an intermediate well it's kind of intermediate to advanced now I will get a load of basic ones coming soon but just that they're in the oven over there cooking but soon they will be ready to serve you on the finest of dishes now anyway today we're going to do a how-to scarecrow grabbed so yeah it looks pretty cool it's a very stylish trick now I realize there's quite a bit of irony in me teaching people how to grab in breath because I never really do it myself but anyway no core people in watching this so don't worry about that anyway I've added this handle to the addition of the tutorials and I'm going to try and maybe do a few of them here and from this lighthouse and it's not a photo it Israel basically there are two fundamentals to this trick number one is the Scarecrow and number two yes correct it is the grab now the thing about this is obviously it's all based off the Scarecrow and I'm going to make the assumption that you have a very solid and consistent scarecrow now with the grab the easiest one to do is going to be a front hand grab now the reason for that is because it's going to unwind you into the Scarecrow you can do a backhand grab but that's gonna end up being a front handle the landing and it's gonna be really really awkward and a little bit more tricky and so that's why I'm not gonna teach it in this tutorial first of all I'm gonna run you through it me talking to you with a bit of clip so you can kind of see and then I'm gonna run it just like with the words on the screen so you can see it without my annoying voice is tracting so you begin by cutting out on the heels and then you're setting yourself up for a nice toe side edge now nothing actually changes on the approach in terms of edge speed into it the progressive edge that all stays the same the only thing I would change is maybe go a little bit more weight on your back on I'm going to say 65% weighting your back on 35% here that equals 100 quick mats now the reason you do this is actually because let's say you go to take this hand off the handle for the grab you don't want to shock through your back arm because it's going to send you all twisted so you're pre-empting that but already having most of your weight in that back on so then as I said you get into the wake everything is the exact same as you ride through to it then when you take off everything's the same except you want to do two things number one is once you push down that handle you already want to take that front hand off and number two is you want to suck you write me up a little bit more than you normally would so that right knee basically you're trying to get your right knee to your right nipple if you're right before it your left knee to your left nipple if your left foot forward ladies you don't have as far to go so as you do that you're sucking it up now the one thing that I find massively helps is if you're looking let's say down at the boat like you would on a normal scarecrow you're going to be chasing the ground looking for it like that so I actually try and take my eyes off the boat and look to the nose of the board because that's where you're trying to grap if you have your eyes on that it's going to make it a lot easier to grab once you get the grab and you can actually use it to speed you up and if you're flipping too fast then you can actually let go the grab is a little bit earlier I obviously won't look as good but it's going to help you kind of slow down and get get your rotation right the rest of the trick is actually the exact same now it sounds like maybe rushing the end of that but it's not it's just it's all in that take off and it's basically those three things you want to take off you want to approach the way with more weight through your back arm you want to push down the handle suck your knee off to nipple look for the grab and that should get the grab for you one tip I have that it's going to help kind of take this step by step and and make the progress on it easier is to is to slow it down so don't spend your first day chasing the grab looking for the grab not getting it coming in you're annoyed you're pissed off you don't need to do that instead try and just be a little bit like try and break it down so you get that feeling of self-satisfaction so what I mean by this is on the first one you do try and just grab your knee it's gonna teach you about only having the handle in one hand during the Scarecrow it's gonna teach you about looking for something to grab that's step one you do that happy days that's progress then on your next set or the next time you ride or whatever it is try and grab your boot that's gonna be like the next progression because it's that bit further and then you go for the board now that just breaks it down a little bit and it kind of I think the thing that keeps us going and wakeboarding is when you learn something new your bosom so if even if it's just grabbing your knee than your boot then you bore it it's gonna give you a lot of good feelings you know along the way and keep you inspired and I'm actually out of breath with the excitement I've brought to this the energy and the other thing that I know someone's gonna ask in the comments is is it the same for the boat as it is for the cable and absolutely yes everything I just said in this completely applies to the cable as well so that's good news for all the cable rats and I joke a joke I need to stop doing that that is basically it for how to Scarecrow with the grab the one I would advise is that nose grab you can do melon as well which is behind here anything with your backhand it's a whole different kettle of fish which apparently isn't a catchphrase in the States so kettle of fish is like what we say in Europe but I don't think that's gonna make sense for you and but anyway that's the end of this video I hope you've enjoyed it I hope you find helpful informative because that is what I try to do at the end of the day and if you've any questions hit me up in the comments and I promise more basic tutorials are coming soon I'm just waiting on footage to come and I'm waiting to film some more a much-loved catch in the x1 subscribe because we've got loads more coming I never say that catch too

24 Replies to “How to Grab a Scarecrow – Wakeboarding Tutorial”

  1. The young lads and lassies don't know where that move came from. lol. You need to thank Thomas Horrell every time you teach or style that move.

  2. As fun as wakeboarding is, it's never been accepted as a legitimate board sport in the bracket of surf, skate and snow, so fuck those "Core riders" that give you shit about style, cause they're seen as lame themselves to the people they're trying to gain respect from.

  3. I want to see you try grab Indy after the flip when you are going down for last 180.. really cool like fooshee did

  4. Nice video. Have you been wake boarding at ballyhass wake board park in Ireland lately or have you been riding more behind the boat lately?

  5. Awesome tutorial. That's exactly the right level for me, not too basic, not too advanced. I want more of this! It also pleases me that you admit to never grabbing your inverts, I feel like less of a loser now hahaha.

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