what is up y'all it's another day out here at sea WC and today I'm going to teach you how to do it the heelside backroll so so y'all are gonna actually think I'm insane because you're gonna think this trick looks more like a front roll or a front flip rotation from the heelside but it's actually called a heelside backroll I don't know why they named it that but uh yeah this one's kind of a Mexican back roll since it's a gainer front flip and it actually is more helpful for doing like a roll tube line or a KGB in the future so I'm gonna teach y'all that one I'm not the best at back roll tricks but yeah let's just get to the point the tricks you're gonna need to know before trying this trick are basically just a heel side jump there are other things that could help like a toe side front roll that might help or being able to do a front flip on a trampoline or even like an aerial like a cartwheel type maneuver on the trampoline could help but none of those are necessary I've seen people do this trick without knowing how to do any of that so uh yeah let's get to it the edge you're gonna want to be taking when learning the heelside backroll is going to be sort of a medium edge you don't want to be edging super hard where you get out of control or super gentle to where you don't get enough rotation a nice medium edge is okay for it so yeah let's do that I personally like to edge towards the kicker with both hands on the handle but as I'm approaching the kicker and getting on to it I'll flatten off and drop my rear hand to initiate your rotation on this trick you're gonna want to wait till you get to the top of the kicker and as you get there you'll push off the kicker and sort of look under your armpit and throw your head forward so forward and under your armpit and a rotation like that should get the back roll momentum started once you sort of flipped over I like to kind of take my head from underneath my armpit and look over my shoulder to try and spot the water there to see how much I need to slow down my rotation so I'll spot my rotation over my shoulder and slow my rotation down once I hit the water I'll just bend my knees and right away so yeah I'll just kind of give you a quick little summary of the entire trick you're gonna edge it the kicker with a sort of medium edge with both hands on the handle as you're approaching the kicker and getting onto it you're gonna want to flatten off and drop that rear hand as you're taking off the top of the kicker you're going to want to initiate your rotation by throwing your head forward and looking under your front armpits and once your rotation is started and you have done almost 50 or 60% of the flip you're going to look over your shoulder and spot the water slow your rotation a bit once you hit the water bend your knees and just ride away and yeah that's how you do the heelside backroll I'll be out here making videos every second day forever there's going to be a ton more tutorials so make sure you guys go comment on what tricks you guys want to learn make sure you subscribe give me a thumbs up if you like this video and I'll see you all next time peace you


  1. Hi JB. Many videos, many differences between backrolls. Once it's like cartwheel spin, another like tantrum or like frontroll.
    So which is which, how do we call tantrum alike flips and cartwheel flips. And what's the difference between frontroll and backroll.
    Can you explain that to all rookies like me? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hey JB.. thanks for explaining how to name it right 👍

    A transfer tutorial would be super. I like to know how to pop (jump) from one obstacle onto another obstacle (rail, tube, box). Or pop from water onto a obstacle.

    I did my first jumps/transfers onto a feature in snowboarding this winter and i'm feeling comfortable 😎 Summer is coming and so i like to do it also in wakeboarding. A video like this would be good

  3. Hey JB love ya vids.. please could ya do walk through of the Nollie nose press dock start? Cheers from the U.K.!

  4. Thanks again for the tutorial! 💚 I’m going to try this trick this upcoming week. I can do a front flip on a trampoline. I’ve never done a backflip in my life, feels really unnatural. Just working up to that first invert but idk what I should try first. What would you recommend??

  5. Nice tutorial. I’m having trouble spotting the landing on this trick. Never tried looking over my shoulder, looks like the way to do it. I’ll give it a try next time.

  6. Hey, would be really nice if you could mention some common mistakes of the tricks you show. Aaand how intense the fails could be.
    Keep it up!

  7. Thanks for yet another great tutorial! What can be added to this trick? Is it a starting point for kicker KGB?

  8. Way different than behind the boat, I busted 2 holes in my eardrum trying backrolls, have not tried it since moved on to trying tantums

  9. JB ONeill, ZenChi Master of Cable Wakeboarding… I don't even ride cable (I ride PWC's & behind boats) but have loved watching every vid. Can't wait until you start doing boat man!

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