How to Hide Cables with Raceways for Wall Mounted TV’s – Easy DIY

How to Hide Cables with Raceways for Wall Mounted TV’s – Easy DIY

Hi, it’s Zach here with
and we have another line of cable management products to introduce you to, our line of
Raceways. Now that you have mounted your TV to the wall,
and followed our how to on the pass- throughs we carry; we have another alternative to tame
that cable clutter with our line of raceway products. These raceways protect and tidy up cable runs
around the home or office, where running through walls may not be possible or practical. They are useful for nearly any type of cable;
from phone, network, USB, HDMI, VGA, audio/video, etc. We offer a large selection of raceway components
so you can design and customize a complete solution to hide and protect your cables. Most people are familiar with the long channels,
but we would also like to draw attention to other fittings we carry here at Now let’s take a closer look at the collection
of raceways we carry. Our various raceway fittings come in two different
colors, ivory and white, but they can be painted to match your wall color as well. They come in three different sizes; 3/4 inch,
1.25 inch, and 1.75 inch. The raceway itself comes in 6 foot sections
and can easily be cut down with a fine tooth saw or a pvc cutter. The raceway comes with adhesive tape. We also carry a flat 90 degree attachment,
an outside elbow, an inside corner, a tee, and a joint cover for an even more custom
look. We have ceiling entry attachments; reducers
if you are coupling two different size raceways together, and end caps. Now let’s put some of these raceways into
action. If you are a renter and you don’t want to
see cables dangling everywhere, but you don’t have permission from your landlord to put
holes in the wall, installing these raceways is a less invasive way of a cleaner home theater
install. In this demonstration, we will be using the
Tee and the joint covers for the wall in our office. Let’s take a closer look at how each one is
used for fitting purposes and to determine which ones you would need for your setup . For this demo, you will need: A level
A marking Pen A fine tooth saw
Double sided sticky tape Measuring tape
Your set of raceway attachments Now let’s get started
In this demonstration we will be using the 1.75 inch raceway attachment. We’ll be running 2 HDMI cables and an Ethernet
cable. Wipe down the wall making sure it is clean,
so when you affix the raceway, it sticks well. Find the center of the TV mount, mark it. Place another mark half the width of the raceway. Using the level, draw a line that is plumb
and measure the length. Transfer this length to the raceway and draw
a line. Cut the raceway to length. Remove the backing and affix the raceway to
the wall. Take some double-sided sticky tape and place
it on the back side of the inner piece of the Tee and mount it under the vertical raceway. Use the level to make sure the horizontal
pieces you will be attaching are leveled. Trace the line. Use a measuring tape to measure both sides
of the wall to determine the other 2 lengths of raceways you’ll need. Place on the cover of the tee to make sure
it’s where you want it. Proceed to cut your 2 other raceway sections
(in this case, it is a 3 foot and a 4 foot section we will cut). Now place your horizontal strips on. Open up the channel and make sure it’s facing
upwards that way it makes it easier to tuck in the cables. Peel off the adhesive tape of the raceway
and place it according to the line you traced earlier. Repeat on the other side of the wall with
the other length you cut. Now grab the vertical cables and tuck them
inside the channel and secure it by closing the channel, snapping it in. Repeat the same method with the horizontal
cables on each side. Last step is to place the Tee cover on. Snap it on, and there you have it! Our collection of raceway products are a great
solution to clean up that cable mess in your home or office. To purchase any of these parts, check out
our website and if you have any questions, our tech support is here to help Monday through
Friday, 8am eastern to 5pm pacific by phone and live chat. Send us your questions or any suggestions
for products or videos to our email or visit us on our social media sites, or simply leave
a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for
more videos. Thanks for joining me today. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Helpful video and nicely presented. However, the enunciation of many words are very slurred and not articulated very well… But, thank you for making this video. It was helpful

  2. Now that u have shown us how to hide the cables etc , can u now show us how to hide those pvc gutter sections running down are walls 😄

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