How To Improve At ARCHERY – Kingdom Come Deliverance

How To Improve At ARCHERY – Kingdom Come Deliverance

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  1. realism?, not very realistic that you can't break locks but have to pick em each time, also you should be able to aim before you draw as well as some limited xp for trainig on the range.

  2. Who cares, i use a bow in close combat, shoot the enemy in the face, while he recovers from the hit i run away and repeat. Easiest way to win a fight in my opinion.

  3. im kn ls4,i just draw a little dot with a whitebkard pen on,it works great,i would be shit if i didant have my little dot

  4. PC players!
    Open Console – write: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1

    And you have the crosshair when you use the bow

  5. As someone who practices archery I will say that what the game offers is a close to instinctive shooting as you will get in a game the only issue I have is that the anchor point is way too low (somewhere around the collarbone I think) which btw would be difficult and somewhat impractical (regardless Im relatively certain that motion capture was definitely used for this part of the game but this guy had to have been all over the place (also archery is supposed to be draw aim and shoot in one motion if the process takes more than 2 seconds in total you have done something wrong)

  6. Is it supposed to be this easy to kill from horseback? I took out pribislavits before the raid single handedly just by stabbing from horseback, on hardcore mode

  7. For accuracy, it helps if you have real archery experience. Imagine the arrow is a laser pointer. Find the dot

  8. Here is a pro tip, save the game… using only a bow run around rattay by the church were you meet Nightngale. Then go on a killing rampage with only the bow. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable with your bow. Then go hunting for animals, cumans or bandits.

  9. The bow is basicaly my main weapon, i only use a mace for full armed guys. And I've shot about 80 men with headshots, you just need to get the hang of it.

  10. I wish mods came to console so I could have a crosshair I have no clue where I’m aiming while using a bow, just gotta constantly learn from my misses

  11. Hunting bows wouldn't have high draw weight. 40-60 pounds would be perfectly acceptable. Not to mention longbows with high draw weight were very…well, long. Maneuvering with it in a dense forest would be just annoying.

  12. people argue that it's realistic the way it is, and theoretically it is, but if you look at it and more depth it's harder to aim in the game. yes you don't have an aiming reticle with a longbow IRL, but you DO have a bow in your hands, there's a big difference between holding the actual thing and holding a mouse. you can't instinctively feel where the arrow is going to fly when you're playing a game, you're just guessing.

  13. War blows could sport pull weights of over 200 lbs, and some crossbows would have up to 800 lbs draw strength

  14. There is a way to train archery fast, just go out into the forest and shoot hares. It's good practice for how to use the bow and you gain skill from each hare killed

  15. They say, a courageous man uses his knuckles in a fight. But a smart one uses an arrow. Which is why I use pepper spray in real life in loss prevention. haha I've always been a ranged fighter. How did goliath die? A sling. How did Leonidas fall? Arrows. How did Europeans colonise the Earth? Muskets. Stay ranged my friends.

  16. Peh, using the dot/crossair is for pussies. Git gud

    Also I've found that playing the chumps challenge near Ldeckcho is the best way to train your skills, both literally and figuratively (gaining a big chunk of xp to level the bow quickly and practicing against moving targets makes hitting actual enemies that much easier) and once you get the hang of it you can get up to 100 coin per round profit from it. It doesn't even take that long I got from lvl 3 to lvl 10 in less than an hour before even going hunting with Lord Capon

    Seriously, why does none of these tip videos ever mention it?

  17. I actually really like the challenge of firing arrows without a reticle, makes it more satisfying when you get it right.

  18. I found sword fighting too hard, especially against multiple opponents, so I went with the bow, either picking them off at range silently, or running backwards while they're swinging their weapons at me. The fight with Runt was extremely easy when you have a bow, a single arrow to the face kills him instantly.

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