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  1. I switch my grip between forearm and backhand… I just practice changing the grip back and forth so I can do it quickly. I don't keep a single grip the whole time. By keeping my grip loose I can quickly change my grip to attain a good bat angle and I firm my grip just before or as I am striking the ball…then my grip becomes loose again to prepare for the next adjustment for the next shot.

  2. My understanding about the grip is that it is to facilitate the stroke mechanic of "relax, explode, relax." The explosion occurs at the point of contact, at which time a number of things are happening. 1. contact. 2. accelerate through the ball. 3. press the rubber with thumb (BH) or index finger (FH) 4. Exhale. The grip is to be relaxed enough that someone could come up behind you and slide it away from you with out much effort. The flared handle is the best handle to allow the hand to relax, explode, relax. If you have large hands then still get a flared handle it just needs to be thicker in my opinion. AK

  3. Thanks to your video, I re-discovered my forehand and improved my backhand. Thank you very much. Cheers.

  4. Hi Ben.im in my first week of discovering table tennis,been playing against table at local sports centre and love it,as i also have passion for watching tennis.I ve bought a table already ,just trying to re arrange house to fit it in lol. The lesson about grip is exactley what i went through today and your absolutely right! This was the grip that i concluded to be naturally best to hit ball either side! Looking forward to my next practice/learning session,and now i have a teacher,even more so! Superb vids-well done and keep it up!

  5. You can not imagine how amazing and well explained this video is!!! Thanks a lot!!! Regards from Argentina…

  6. Look at " Coach EmRatThich ". Helt explains everything and has so many videos including this grip thing.

  7. Would you say this counts for defenders aswell? Because i've tried it aswell and it works for my aggressive forehand. But i feel as if i need more stability holding the racket while choping or generell defending

  8. I have always struggled with the shake hand grip. This video is very detailed and helpful. Keep it up. Great video. I keep on changing the grip all the time and unable to find perfect grip to play both forehand and backhand topspin. But this video will help overcome that problem.

  9. when playing a forehand shot your index finger can shift a little and should be pressed to the rubber. when playing backhand your thumb can shift a little and should be pressed on the rubber.

  10. Very helpful video. Thank you. Pinching with the thumb and index finger, and leaving the other three fingers loose, the handle moves about a bit relative to the palm. This movement of the handle is restricted the more one grips with the third finger. Would your advice be for us not to grip with 3rd finger?

  11. I have developed the habit of holding the bat at an extremely closed forehand angle and with that grip switching between bh and fh takes way too long. Do you have more on tips on developing a more neutral grip?

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