so you want to increase your shooting range and basketball and you stumbled upon this video well worry no more because after watching the full video you will definitely be a better shooter from far the distance if you use the info in it correctly so let's get started first of all always warm up and warm up properly from 10 to 15 minutes depending on your body warming up prevents all sorts of injuries it helps increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness and improved shooting performance it also gives the body preparation for the physiological and psychological toll it's gonna have to go through the second tip I'm gonna give you guys is hitting the weight room now as you'll see in this end-of-the pretty old video I have trouble shooting from some stats behind the three-point line yes I can make it yes I can hit the shot in the game but I'm clearly lacking power in my all muscles which include the biceps triceps and shoulders hitting the gym and having a proper workout three to six times per week depending on your goals will definitely help you will be way more stronger and get so many additional benefits like increased testosterone improved focus improved confidence a better body etc but specifically for this topic you will be able to shoot a shot from almost half court with a proper jump shot the third tip I'm gonna give you guys is nutrition food is more than half the battle it is so important to be in shape you'll need to be around 10 to 15 percent of body fat depending on how tall you are and you will need fuel for the gym which in our case is food I recommend good organic food a lot of meats like chicken breast tuna salmon sardines and all other kinds of fish use protein shakes with protein powders if you can as well if you want more details on nutrition go check out the other videos on my channel now we go on to the fourth tip which is consistency if you are not consistent everything said before this holds almost no value you have got to consistently work hard on your jump shot if this is an area of the game you want to desperately improve on you will definitely need to do this workout four to six times per week the fifth tip is picking your spots before picking your spots you need to know where your range is good are you able to hit a three-pointer or are you limited to the free-throw line or are you just the center who can hit shots under the rim it doesn't matter we all started somewhere don't be discouraged I picked 5 to 10 spots I start from hitting 9 shots in a row under the rim after that I go between the rim and the free-throw line and hit 9 shots there then I hit 9 free throws try for them to be swishes after that I did a three-point line and make 9 shots there as well and for the final round I hit 9 shots way behind the arc from deep three-point range at least try 2 steps behind the 3-point line the sixth step is shooting mechanics if you don't have good shooting mechanics first of all fix that do you shoot from your chest or like in this video for example I should have been behind my head which is not good or recommend it I fixed that and you should fix your mechanics as well don't change up your whole shot though just make sure you have an extremely quick release and that you are able to hit those shots against tall and fast defenders in the 7th tip is in game speed if you just choose really slow jumpers if you're really lazy you're gonna be a better shooter but your value to the team won't increase that much think about it are you gonna be open all the time of course not so practice really quick jumpers and try to roll the ball to yourself like you're in a catch and treat position they tip I'm gonna give you guys is practicing your handles your handles will be crucial towards your shooting because why would you always rely on your teammates to find a shot when you can make one yourself be a creator work on your handles and be able to get a shot off in any situation and the ninth and final tip of this video is mentality your mentality is key don't be afraid of any opponent don't care how good of a defender he is he could be the greatest defender of all time but if you make the right move or play there's nothing you can do about it regardless of his greatness respect them but do your best to beat them always have the mentality to get better to be humble and to practice as much as you can talent can only get you so far thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please like subscribe and peace

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  1. The reason I uploaded the video where I miss a lot of open shots btw is to show that you shouldn't lack confidence regardless of your misses. You'd rather go 0/30 than 0/9 cus if you stop at 0/9 that means you've lost confidence in your shot making ability…

  2. At 2:28 it says 8-12 jumpshots. I was very tired at the making of the video and the audio recording had errors somewhere, the info still stands though. 😃

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