30 Replies to “How To Increase Your Shooting Range In Basketball”

  1. i cant seem to keep my form near and beyond the arc….im 20 been playing for since school,how are my arms so weak,any exercise or workouts to strengthen arms

  2. Awesome video, Augie! You tend to offer great analysis and tips that I don't find anywhere else. Love the idea of syncing up hip and shoulder rotation, as well as your suggestion as to what percentage out of a 100 might be considered game-ready range. Appreciate your stuff!

  3. Should u use the same arm power on every shot no matter the distance or should u change the arm power as well as the added leg power when shooting from deep . Someone please HELP?!!!

  4. Cause of lots of practice I've extended my shooting range from the 3 point line to the halfway line and with great accuracy.

  5. To increase range, one should be shooting behind and in front of where you'd like to be able to hit from. There have been a lot of studies on this. Might throw you off a little in the short term. but the retention tests they did proved this was the way to go!

  6. i don't have access to a gym all the time what else can i do at home to workout my wrist or make my form better

  7. so it means..perimeter shoots must be different in three point shoots in terms of shooting form?in perimeter shoots i rather fade away.

  8. Love the video. Another term that my dad always used when I was growing up was "riding the up-force." It sounds funny, but it's really feeling that power from your legs and riding through your body into your shot. The slow motion clip of you shooting from up close and long range displays it perfectly. Thanks. Great video.

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