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  1. Great video started measuring but found out the gate is a different width, so I would have added that in the video for the terminal post. I’m actually starting with the gate first.

    Also you should add how you actually straighten out the tension wire, I had to search a different and found how you guys did that.

  2. Thank you! I close on the sale of my house in about a month and I know the chain link fence needs to be updated.

  3. Not being picky but actually needed to learn how to put up my fence but….. she said to put the Terminal post in at 30" then when she actually measures and marks the depth on the pole itself, she marks it at 21 1/2" ???????? I'm lost.

  4. IGNORE THIS MADNESS ! and listen to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! For anyone doing chain link fence, don't bother with holes or concrete…go buy some  1 1/2" rail tube ( the pipe on top of a chain link fence ) , cut it into 2 foot lengths for as many posts as you have…. hammer those 2 foot pieces level into the ground at each post spot, then just pound the 2 /1/2" post right over the top of it ! it takes a few minutes per post , requires no auger work, and costs almost nothing !  it will be as strong or stronger than concrete, and will last forever…. you'll be done in a few hours , and wont have to pay some incompetent  moron $50 an hour for performing simpleton work that you can do better !……  best of all,  you can claim to be a traditional American who does things for himself, and not take instructions from a butch carpenter whose more of a man than you are.

  5. 7:41 is where I ran out of equipment I'm willing to get. I was even gonna dig posts by hand, but the only other thing I can think of is using a ratcheting strap…..oh ok nvm

  6. terminal posts dont need to be deeper than the line posts.7 foot terminal and line posts 2 foot down 5 feet up done.

  7. I was thinking of of burying the fabric for inches or so to stop the dog from digging under it. Has anyone tried this?

  8. What was your cost to buy or rent power auger, manual post hole digger and other tools, parts and supplies e.g. hack saw, wheel barrel, measuring tape, come along, plumb line, string to keep to top level, etc.? Just tell us what you paid for each part and qualify it with the city and year and say, "current local prices for your market will vary depending on your local market conditions." -Theodore Alexander Vegh

  9. Hey. Pro shouldn't that wire be buried 2inches in ground to keep dogs / animals from going under ??? 4inches buried around utility buildings ??? Check ur codes.

  10. I need to keep rabbits coming through my garden hedge. 12 inches in height would do it. Any suggestions? Elmer Fudd

  11. I have a chain wire fence but i want to make it higher, can i take off the terminal cap, put a sleeve in the existing post, then join another post on top with the sleeve? Thanks in advance.

  12. The only part I was interested in – is adding the bottom tension wire because the schlub that installed our fence did not – this video showed them attach the wire, but nothing on how the terminal end is attached or how to put tension on it or how much tension??? What a waste of time…

  13. Make sure to put your nuts + bolts into your tension bands properly so they're all facing the same way.

  14. She is solid. Gate posts 3 3/4” bigger than gate. So 40” gate u hafts add for hardware.

  15. I hope this was just for show because that fence was about 2-3" off the ground when they finished, Fido go bye bye thru the bottom. They said " dont skimp on wire ties and clips this prevent pets from getting out" Fido can just walk right under it.

  16. This is all wrong smh Imma start with real fence men/women always carry Pliers, tape, and level. I could go on and on but people are gonna get what they pay. That's the bottom line, and when they get "slap up crews" like the crews that work at these places to do it and in a few years have to call a real installer out there like Myself to fix there mess. On another note there is no way I could install with my hair down kudos to you.

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