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  1. Love this video. I've been looking everywhere for a simple video that explains how to set up a charger and this so far has cleared answered most of my questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it!! God bless!!!

  2. Thanks so much for all of the effort put in to your video.  I loved it.  I just subbed and liked your video.  Can you do the same in return.  It would mean a lot.

  3. Thanks for this great tutorial. I just purchased the supplies to run a small section of fence to keep my dog from jumping against my aviary and wasn't really sure where to start. Your video and instructions are very detailed and provided the information I needed! I now feel I'm ready to tackle the job! 😀

  4. Thank you, needed this info to keep some next door neighbor's cows out of my orchard…take care

  5. I just added two solar powered wires to the top of my 3 rail wooden fence to prevent a fox from rousting on the top rail eye balling my two small dogs. The railed fence has a wire fence on the inside of the rails to prevent the dogs from roaming outside of the yard. After installing, I'm now wondering if this will even work. If the fox try's to jump to the top in an effort to reach the top rail will the animal even get a shock since he/she is not grounded. Your thoughts?

  6. do you think if you hook five of those up on the same line, you can knock a burglar on their but?

  7. May I make a suggestion, at 2:51 you show a corner, the problem I for see, is that if an animal bumps it, or even if the wind moves things a bit, it may be able to ground out on the post… an honest quick fix might be, release the fence at the gate to loosen the pull at the corner, and either slightly bending the eye bolt so it can't slide thru the rubber bushing, or pulling the wire as far as possible beyond the corner, and putting a bead of silicone around the eye bolt, once it dries, it will prevent it from pulling too close to the post.. I have had fences that grounded out with about an inch of space… they can be finicky… GOOD LUCK

  8. I have been using Solar chargers for almost 10 years now. One of the secrets is to make sure you have a GREAT ground. I normally use 3 ground rods, spaced out about 10 feet apart.

  9. You're supposed to get a "city slicker" friend to test the fence for you 😉 If she goes through it you may need to hook up the bottom line too. Make sure to check it periodically as it doesn't take long for horses to figure out when the fence has grounded out

  10. Great instructional vid for the Solar Charged fence for Maggie! Hmm, maybe do you think you need to hang some sort of warning/alert to let folks know the wires are hot? Another check off your list! Everything is looking good DK. Hope Lukes doing better and your family is well. Thinking about you today with the Texas storms passing thru. Hope you are all safe and good. As always, Enjoy, Be Kind, Love each other. Thank you for sharing and Caring!

  11. Silly horse. I thought only goats were the only one eating everything insights. Well at least you're not in Easter islands. Keeping horse there is no goods. There's a native plants there that killed horses. They couldn't figured out why, until five years later. Don't know what's it called. But it's a bushy plants that grows there. Saw this on a documentary in the late 1990s. Not all plants are for eating. Interesting to see I wonder this also keep the raccoons at bay.

  12. You're brave checking that live wire. I hope Maggie learns the boundaries quickly. Great job on the "voice over" and instructional video. tfs

  13. As a kid we lived next to a pasture with an electric fence, and I always enjoyed getting sticks and and watching them sizzle on the wire. There's no need to shock yourself to see if it is hot. LOL

  14. Blake, You will need to trim the tree limbs that are close to the top wire to prevent grounding out the circuit, hope Maggie respects the hot wire, my horse would push right through it. Good Job.

  15. That's one way to get your morning jolt.  Coffee is a bit easier.  Nice, clean and clear instruction.

  16. I would have chosen another area for the ground rod. If the ground dries out it will not work. looks you have down spout near by. That may be a better spot. I have mine right beside my Central air system, that way when it is hot and I have the ac on the condenser is drip watering my grounding rod automatically.

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