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  1. Fence vet. here and great job, another perfect yard video. Now, in the real world, do not dig all your holes at once.  You never know what you'll find in the ground.  Offset one hole, then you have to re dig them all, not smart, use an auger, you're working to hard.  You should be getting at least $8 a foot to install this fence, you can afford an auger. No need to premix concrete, its a waste of time. Pour water, then concrete, then water on top, and cover with dirt, its that simple and easy. Finish one line at a time, then come back with a block of wood and a baby sledge and beat it level.  And please stop showing these commercial yards.  Show me a yard that I deal with on a daily basis, inclines, boulders, stumps? I do apologize, I'm just tired of these b.s. videos with a perfect yard.  Its a great fence, low maintenance,

  2. What about when you have to install one panel at a time and can't just take down the entire existing fence and wait two days for concrete to cure in the new posts?

  3. This is unprofessional. Stupid.what a fucking sloppy Job. Really use my eye to level the posts wtf well, which eye the left or right one. Mother fucker stupid.

  4. Too many greedy commercial from corporate America to watch without interruptions. YouTube now makes people watch their logo on your own tv for 15 seconds before getting to watch your subject matter.

  5. Way to instruct the public on methods of hacking fence.. Eyeball the post installation? Yeah cause you got laserbeam vision. Ignore these dummies.. Set all posts using a string line and pre mark your post spacing on string.Mark both sides of posts, for 6×6 panels the marks are 66 3/8 and 71 3/8.. thats assuming your using 5" posts.. 6' panels use 11 pickets this measurement allows for even panels without cutting rails or pickets.. for 8×6 use 90 3/8 and 95 3/8. If warm climate dig post hole 2 1/2 ft deep set post in dry unmixed concrete pack in securely.. use 2×4 arms length as a hammer and drive post to desired depth.. build panels hang gates etc.. then run irrigation or use hose to water in posts… leave 24hrs posts will be solid

  6. Can you have the chipmunk hold the camera next time? I could still almost see what was going on. This video is like goddam astronaut training.

  7. Ooph. Anyone else get sick watching this video? Good info, but after I hurled about half-way through, I was able to finish it.

  8. Can you guys make a how-to video for setting vinyl posts on uneven grade and it still looking straight and the same height? Thanks alot!

  9. The water comes in from the rails and holes in the post. We have been using this method for 10 years or so and we have seen a huge decrease in post upheaval so I assure you it works. Another trick but more costly is to dig your hole 3' deep, fill the first 1.5' with concrete, line up your post, drive it to your desired height and Finnish setting. This method uses around 180lbs of concrete per post.

  10. I have three questions. How well does a vinyl fence stand the elements? How well can i put a fence like this when all of my neighboors around me have wooden fences (that are connected with my wooden fence)? And also, how well can this take pee (my dog likes to pee on plastic stuff, dang mutt! lol)?

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