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  1. great! im really interested ! i have a farm and i plan to use vinyl fence. im from La Carlota City Negros Occidental.. I dont have any idea where i can buy or can order that fence here in Philippines.

  2. We just wanted to thank you guys for posting this video.. Our personal fence was knocked down by Hurricane Irma and your video gave us the last little tip that we were looking for to help us repair it.. We were originally trying to put in the vertical pieces and the top one at the same time instead of all the vertical ones and then the top one.. Our way worked out okay a few times, but once we tried it your way, it was a breeze.. We just gave you a video a thumbs up. 👍

  3. Nice job bro. I would've went with the string line but you eyeballed it just right. What would be a reason to do separate pickets as opposed to the pre built sections? I'm planning a fence for a friend and want to know the best route.✌

  4. do you need a wood post inside the vinyl for strength if your not installing a gate and just using about 3 6, sections for a privacy fence? Thanks What part of Idaho was this video ?

  5. Not using U-channel on each  post will leave some gap between the post and T&G and not as clean look.

  6. how did you guys secured the posts in the ground apart from digging and pouring concrete?? did you guy use sleeves to pour the concrete in or just into the ground ?

  7. when installing the gate, how much space are you supposed to leave in between the post to fit the gate in so it moves freely?

  8. Wholesale my ass. you're $50.00 (50%) more per panel than Lowes Or Home Depot.

  9. Nice job…but the gate is swinging the wrong way. Gates should always sing into the adjacent fence, not into the open area. Other than that nice job.

  10. I like how these guys just eyeball measurements and seem a little lax, yet it comes out looking great.  Builders after my own heart.  We don't get extra points for perfection.  It just has to work and look good.

  11. Great video both parts this is by far the best way to describe how to install a vinyl fence two thumbs up!

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