How To Install a Wakeboard Tower – Step by Step How to install Origin Wakeboard Tower Boat Project

How To Install a Wakeboard Tower – Step by Step How to install Origin Wakeboard Tower Boat Project

what's up YouTube my high cameras coming back at you again with another video and today we are finally putting this wakeboard tower on the boat now I asked my dad to come down and give me a hand with this thing and he's so excited to get it on the boat that he's already started putting the thing together so we're gonna go ahead and pick up here and show you how we put that side together then we're gonna go ahead and put it up against the boat and figure out placement here my dad is attaching the front main beam to the bar that connects to the front main beam the rear main beam and the crossbar here my dad's installing the joints on the front beam that will install on the front mount of the boat as always guys I did find the instruction guide on origins website so that link will be included in the description and of course guys we are not spokesman or sponsored by origin by any means so this video is simply just showing you how we installed the Tower obviously if you buy one of these towers from origin be sure to follow their instruction guide as you can see my dad's not tightening the bolts down all the way we want it a little bit loose so we can make adjustments while it's on the side of the boat and then once we have the whole thing it assembled and put on the boat then we'll tighten down the bolts now we're moving on to the joints for the rear beam all right job note to self here be sure to watch the threads on your joints because we actually screwed up here put the wrong joint on the wrong end so we actually had to take this joint put it on the other end take the joint off of the other end put it on this end so just be aware of that when you're putting this thing together okay next figure out where you want to mount the front mount and then you're gonna drill through the hull however we screwed up here we did not use tape I highly suggest you put some masking tape down they say it'll help keep from potentially cracking the gel coat we did it on the other side we just didn't do it on this first hole here we're using a half inch bit but it actually was larger than a half inch bit we ended up needing to file it out a little bit so be aware of that that you need a very large drill bit and don't forget the rubber washer alright once inside the boat we installed this aluminum reinforcement plate which was something we custom-made it did not come with the kit however it was recommended by the manufacturer that you do that then we installed the washer that was included with the kit along with the lock washer and the nut again not tightening all the way down because we want everything a little bit loose so we can make the adjustments we might need to allright then choose your rear mount location the manufacturers suggestion is that the rear mount should be 56 inches to 72 inches from the front mount again utilizing our reinforcements plate the washer that came with the kit the lock washer and the nut and then of course repeat these steps for the other side and once you've got your mounting brackets installed on both sides of the boat and you've got your tower pieces put together for each side go ahead and grab some help how we're doing it is we're installing one side at a time there might be another way you could do it with a prebuilt if you had more help not sure but this is how we're doing it we're gonna do one side at a time have a person inside the boat holding it up and then we're going to install the crossmember and the other side again we're not completely tightening down the bolts at this point yet we are leaving them loose so we can adjust the tower slightly if we need to we'll tighten everything down once we get the whole thing put together and in position where we want it at this point we've got the crossbar on but we don't have it bolted down nor the holes drilled because we're going to place the second side on here and get it where we need it to be first all right now that we've got the sides where we want them we're gonna adjust the crossbar get it where we want it and then we're gonna drill the holes now we got our bolts in place on this side we're gonna go ahead and drill the other side all right guys so at this point you could do a couple things number one now that we've got everything set where we want it you could tighten down all the bolts if you want to at this point and be done or this would be the time where you could drill your holes for your speakers if you're gonna mount some tower speakers and then go through that process we'll be doing that in another video we ran out of time on this particular day to install the tower speakers but in this case we went ahead and left everything snug but not completely tightened down so we could come back and install the speakers on another day guys if this is the first time you're tuning in to the mile-high campus channel be sure to check out all our videos we've got several videos in the boat project playlist as well as some other good videos on camping and some other how-to videos and then we've got a lot of cool videos coming up I've been doing the upholstery on this boat and it's coming out looking pretty good so I'm excited to get those posted we're gonna be doing a stereo installation amp installation steering wheel installation so stay tuned for those videos be sure to check out the description for all critical information and check out the links to our stores we've got some pretty cool stuff on there and just to recap on this wakeboard tower guys so far I really like it I think it was well worth the money I paid for it it was a good deal quality seems to be very good I guess we'll see once we use it how much we actually like it but so far so good if you would like to hear more information on the wakeboard tower be sure to check out the wakeboard tower unboxing video that we did it goes over what came in the box and how much I paid for everything I hope this video was helpful for you if nothing else I hope it gave you an idea of the difficulty level of putting on one of these wakeboard towers be sure to smash that like button if you found this video helpful alright guys we'll stay tuned for the next video and as always please like subscribe share and comment push

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  1. Stumbled across your channel while looking at tower videos but I must say you've done an amazing job on the boat. I have a similar boat, (1996 Bayliner 1750s) and I will be using your videos as a guide. You have motivated me to tackle my own project and liven up my boat. Thanks for the awesome content. Cant wait to see the finished result.

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