27 Replies to “How to install fur string silencers (traditional archery)”

  1. Those are some pretty big beaver balls. I mean, I know he’s got big balls, and she’s got big balls, but dare I say that we have the biggest balls of them all?

  2. Now lets see the bloopers! At last, I can tame my balls with confidence. I have some wool ones that fit through the string but furry ones are more durable and look much nicer. Thanks Jim.

  3. this was the best vid ive found on youtube for a "furball" silencing DIY..there are others bust this one does a straight through with no cuts and also the plasctic tab is invaluable.i used a small plastic piece so mine was a bit more "fiddly"lol!still I got it done first try and they look awesome.black on white with a black bow also did the felt limb stick ons..

  4. Ordered a pair from merlin archery, looked up where to install them, found this as first result. GG. God you guys ship fast btw.

  5. Thanks for sharing your technique for handling hairy balls with us! :p Was just wondering if you can make do with a single ball, or is it better to grab a pair? I'm waiting for the postie to turn up with a dinky little 48" recurve, if that makes any difference compared to the larger 58"-70" bows.

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