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  1. You can buy a staple gun up to 50 mm saw a. contractor in N Z use one works good just a bit of an out lay at first saves o lot of time than a hammer ,great if you build a lot of fences

  2. Where can I find that nifty tool you used to wrap your excess wire,,,right around 3 1/2 minutes?

  3. Did it say anywhere in the anything about spacing between posts?? If it did I missed it…THAT is what I am looking for!!

  4. Very helpful tutorial, thanks for the tips! My project will require about 800 feet of your fence. There are a few dips and rises in elevation. Not too extreme, but it's not totally flat either. Can you give me some ideas on how to deal with the uneven terrain? Thanks again for the video!

  5. I have done some fencing over the years but never this nice of a job. Good work I learned a few tricks. One is take your time and make it straight. Thanks.

  6. ok maybe a stupid question to you, but to me I dont know so I am asking. What side of the post are you fencing? and do you have to cut the fence at every corner or do you just bend it around the corner and staple it and go…?

  7. I'm looking to buy some rural property out here in western Arizona as a home-site and would be fencing a 5-10 acre lot. My kids will be helping me and this video will help immensely. Thank you for this public service.

  8. I enjoyed. There were two small tools that were used. One was called a fence tool used for wrapping wire. When I looked on line for Redbrand, the company was UK. What was that tool used to wrap called? Also, when the person attached the wire on the metal fence post, he used a tool to wrap it. What was that tool called? Thank you

  9. Can you please give me the specific name of this fence? I have tried to find the exact name but to no avail. I would like to use this type of fence for a trellis on my veggie garden, but I need to know the specific name of it otherwise I'm presented with all other kind of wire fences such as rectangular shaping, others with an X in the center, etc.

  10. These guys not only know what they're doing, but they can explain it clearly, and they have close-ups exactly when needed. However, at 9:50 be prepared to switch from one side of the fence to the other – you may not realize right away that the dummy brace, formerly on your right, is now on your left.

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