23 Replies to “How to make a Boot Rack from FREE Horseshoes – easy welding project”

  1. As a professional welder, get yourself some heavy welding gloves. Getting burned by molten steel is not fun in the slightest. I'm speaking from experience.

  2. Thanks for your reply ,just found the horse shoes ,brilliant . You just gave me some hope ,there are good people about .
    Love your work man ,pleasure to watch . What bike do you ride ? Try to pop it in the back ground of one of your vids.
    Me and my boy just had bacon sarnies ,truthfully. Thank you ,you sir are a gent. Good luck.

  3. Well done, nice rack. Horses & riding are popular here locally, so discarded shoes get used for many things. They work well as heavy duty hangers, and when welded to flat strapping stock, make nice racks for long angle iron, copper pipe, etc.

  4. Seeing as I'm not from The British empire and don't speak the english you do, What is the term farrier mean? is that like a term for scrap yard owner? If so the one near me will not sell scrap to me unless I can bring him enough to take the place of what I took.

  5. Yeah, great little project that one, very refreshing in its concept. Enjoyed it. Cheers Moose Down Under.

  6. I have heard the saying got a horse shoe up the ass, but that brings it to a whole new level. Lol. Ouch. Nice bro

  7. Hi Pongo

    Love the boot rack, got a small tip about welding rods I heard from an old boy years ago, he said that if you can warm up the welding rods by leaving them on a rad or in a low oven for a bit before you use them then they work better, he believed it was because any moisture that might have got into the flux would be driven off giving a better weld, I don't know how true his belief was but he did do some belting welds on the job I was at.

  8. Cracking idea Bongo!
    I have a great idea for your next project and it comes from the first video I ever watched of yours which is the rocket stove:- how about a fold up rocket stove? one that you could fold away for a camping trip?
    it'd need to be sheets which could either fold up together or could slot together.

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