How to: Make a Cat Proof Fence!

How to: Make a Cat Proof Fence!

hello and welcome to this backyard fencing video a lot of you guys have been asking about how I did the fencing of our backyard to protect Mario Monti from escaping because the outside wall is dangerous it is filled with other cats and cars and stuff like that and what you need to do is if you don't already have a fence you of course need to put down some poles and then you need to attach these guys these to feed poles and they will be attached in a 90 degree angle and the logic to it is simply this cats cannot climb in the front legs only it's not possible for them to get from here and all the way out to here and then oh it's not possible and here goes some crafting details as you can see there's a bit of a gap between the posts and then the tuff fencing will be hanging a lot so I put up this extra supporting wire seams just to hold up the top fencing another thing that you need to do is you need to strap together the horizontal and the vertical part of the fence here in the corner where they meet you put up these strips in order for them to keep the two fences together so it will not bend open because your cat can squeeze out some of you might ask why I put up this green screen and that has nothing to do with escaping or anything like that that is just because Monty it gets very stressed when he can see the stranger catch from the neighborhood on the other side of the hinge if you think it looks a bit ugly which I will admit it does it looks like a prison camp right there is another solution it's a bit more expensive though and that is putting a plexiglass and the logic to that is that cat can a cat cannot climb Plexiglas they will slide off and because Plexiglas is transparent it will not like be that ugly to logo I ad like this it will not like scream cat protection or anything it would just be it will just be very minimalistic right so you can put up there and if you have a fence like this it's very easy to just screw it directly into it and then you will actually not need this top fencing at all that will be 100% cat escaping a guaranteed ante escaping guaranteed I guess yeah I would love to help that one thing that you need to know about which is very important is that you need to do this same type of fencing on the other side of the fence too you might not be able to do that because you have neighbors that is the issue that we are facing so we have experienced stranger cats getting into our back yard and they cannot get power again but the thing is that it is like they realized that it is off limit area or enemy territory because they do not come back again when we have found them and safely directed them to the other side of the fence that was it a video on how you can protect your cat or cats from escaping your backyard a very serious topic actually if you're not so much into the serious stuff you can get my new book with funny quotes and funny cartoons on everyday life of cats and you can get in on a VIP discount right now use the code right here and yeah you will be supporting me and what I do and get some tuna for my kitties there she goes thank you so much

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  1. This information is so valuable. In the video you mentioned about the expensive method – what was the glass called as ?

  2. You are SUCH a pleasure to listen to talk, my husband and I are definitely going to keep your fencing in mind when we buy a house!! It doesn't have to be good looking when it comes to cat safety!! Go Monty and Molly!

  3. This is interesting! This would probably not be allowed in any yard in Iceland!! We have rules about fences if you have a neighbor next door!!

  4. Wow what a great fence for your kitties to be safe in I don't think it's ugly at all I miss not seeing Monty n Molly lots of lov from USA 👍❣🐾🐱

  5. your babies are safe like that, Michael. and i love your book too. here in France, it's heat wave again for 2 days. today 39°C in my place, never see that in 150 years. Stay safe and fresh. Kisses

  6. Hi Michael! Clicked on your video so fast. Molly is beautiful😘. Such an interesting and informative video😊. You have such a beautiful and big yard. I already bought your book😀. ❤️ it!!!Thank you for creating it for your fans. Can you please give Monty and Molly a kiss for me all the way from Brooklyn New York!? Please keep the videos coming😘😀

  7. Wooooow this is very useful! My cat always tries to escape from the house and this will help me!
    I love monty!!!❤❤❤❤
    Make a video about monty doing funny things please!!!

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