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  1. I was going to say it's okay you don't have to be perfect okay you just do it your own unique way lol I just want to say thank you for the vise-grip advice cuz I had a hard time to redoing my necklace and now I know you could use my scripts so I can tighten it up even better that would be great thank you well if I come up with any more ideals or you come up with a suggestion for me let me know cuz I don't mind doing that few of these and and make a little money off of it on the side you know I hope they got purple wire another got blue wire maybe green wire red wire do they have yellow wire what about white cuz I could do blue and white one as Jesus colors and can you also get other wires besides Walmart maybe Hobby Lobby or Michaels

  2. What kind of stuff to use on to keep it from rusting he put all up and down on the wire to and the nails and what was that again so I don't know and where do you get the stuff cuz I want to know so I can keep the why are from fading away and keep the deals from rusting

  3. Where do I get the horseshoe nails do they sell them at Royal King do they sell them there or do I have to go to tractor Factory to get them at and what size did you say to get five because I can get there small tools at Harbor Freight just right around the corner that's walking distance and I can always get the wire at Walmart it depends what kind of colors they have sometimes if you go Hobby Lobby they might got some wire to it depends about Walmart cuz sometimes it don't always got good selection on wire in those boxes I wish I can find a bunch of different color wires to Blue Light a yellow color red color purple color pink color a nice green color shiny green because I wouldn't mind learn how to make these myself cuz I was going to ask one of my friends that used to make them on the side he will sell them for ten bucks and I was going to ask him if he can teach me how to make them and then one day when their family members came into my work place at Kroger's and said the cross guy that makes these passed away and I was so upset you would have told me how I make them to he may just nothing self you and then makes you more news Goods about making them I'm wearing one of them right now that I had to refix the wire because why I got through old in Canada is Rundown I replaced it with new wire but I keep mine on every day every night I sleep with him I take showers in them I never take mine off

  4. Really enjoyed your watching this, very thorough! Thank you and job well done. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  5. Hi there mr. Coop, I used to make this kind of jewellery myself, have a look at my channel for more designs and feel free to use any if you like

  6. Mr. Coop great video as usual. I can't seem to find how far up the needlenose pliers to make the file mark. One place it says 1/16" but that looks way to short. How far should the groove be made on the pliers from the tip ?

  7. Very rare to find someone that's good at teaching. I love the thoroughness. Would like a closer shot at how you bent the nails to put on jump rings at the end.

  8. I make a large cross like yours and your system works good. I also make a smaller one with a # 3.50 nail. They both sell a craft shows but am having trouble with your system on the small ones. any suggestions. your large ones turn out perfect. Thanks

  9. PS. Couldn't find where you answered to question about your measurement for the groove on the needle nose pliers…

  10. Best video on how to make these, by far!! Thanks for all the details, clear instructions, and for sharing all the measurements and tops an tricks you've found to make it easier. First video of yours I have seen and I am an instant fan! God bless.

  11. How far is the mark at the end of your needle nose Pliers? Otherwise, exceptional video. One of the best I have seen.

  12. Seen your video 2 yrs ago. Bought all the items needed but never started. Have a question. How far up the needle nose plier do you make your file groove? Also I got the 18g wire..What is the mm? 1.0?

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