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  1. Can I take the size of the tendon and the length of the pipe?

    Do you have fiberglass or what is in the second 3:56
    Thanks, I'm following you from Saudi Arabia❤️👍

  2. Very good video… Gives the DIY people plenty of ideas.
    I suggest using electrical conduit pvc because it is much thicker walled. Cutting the fiberglass rods and bundling them will give more power and better flex. (Center piece and then into thirds). The bow would be better if you make a knock instead of closing the pipe ends, because the string will need replacing and the bow shouldn't always be strung/under pressure.

  3. Batman: I'm not wearing hockey pads

    Green arrow: I'm not using PVC pipe as bows

  4. If you use fiberglass rods, cut one in half, then cut another into half halfs, .
    The reason why your stronger bows are bending in the middle is because that is where most of the torch goes, so if you basically build it with 16 rods , the 1st 1 going all the way up the bow, you can probably use three for this, then use the progressively shorter rods until you have 16 dead center with progressively longer rods being centered on your bow. this will make it very strong in the middle and less so the farther you go up the bow. It might be a bit more powerful that way, better pull.
    Thanks for the great idea on attachment for a PVC bow string, very clever, thanks for the video.

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