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  1. hi nick will reinforcing the handle like this work if you want to also add some deflex to the bow. I want to make a pvc deflex bow with a reinforced handle. Will this work okay for a deflex bow?

  2. Hi i am going to be making a reinforced pvc recurve deflex bow. I noticed that you made your top limb a bit longer than the bottom limb. Will this affect the bow if one limb is longer than the other. Also is it necessary to do this when making a reinforced bow? Can you get away with just marking 2 inches on both sides from the middle for your handle like I usually do when I make bows.

  3. Hi. The first time i tried to put one pipe inside of a pipe, it was too hard and i could not do it. So if anyone is going through dificulties too, here's what worked for me: The smaller pipe piece that goes inside, i used some sandpaper to sand just a little bit the outside of the pipe. PVC pipes are very smooth, wich increase friction. The sanding creates small little "holes" in the surface of the pipe, allowing the lubricant to stick inside, making the process much easier. Also, as lubricant, i used silicon based lubricant, wich turned out to be much better than greasy ones.

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  5. Nick, why didn't you just use drum sander in a drill or rotary took and take a tiny big off the smaller pipe? Easier and faster.

  6. his vids are the best, tell you everything you need to know and why, and what you shouldn't do and why not, love this guy.

  7. Hey, Nick! Tell me one thing:

    Instead of using another pipe inside, could you use fiber glass rod? If so, what are the measures? What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. What about cutting the 48" length in half then joining them with the 10" length with hot melt glue and forming the handle. Since the handle doesn't flex this wouldn't be an issue as far as it not being a continuous piece of PVC would it?

  9. to get mine in, i used the same diamiter pipe, then cut out the side of it so i could fold it in on its self long enough to hammer it down with the pipe cold, kinda like a roll pin

  10. I had the same experience. I came to this video because he suggested reinforcing the handle before making a centershot. I think I'm going to risk collapse and just make a youth recurve centershot without the reinforced handle.

  11. look at his 50 Pound Takedown Recurve Bow for Less than $10, all you have to do is not make it a take down bow and 1 in isnt normaly a good bow size but it is posible but it will have a thick handle.

  12. Hi Nick I think you are wrong when you say If we make a double pipe pvc bow when it pull hard it depends only in the size and width of the bow

  13. Nick, if i use 1 inch schedule 40 to make a recurve, should i reinforce it? what do i do differently for an adult size recurve to get 40-50 pound recurve? Excellent series of video post BTW.

  14. He uses heat. The heat source can be either a construction type "heat gun" used for stripping paint and the like or something simple like a stove top or even a gas grill.

  15. Hi, sorry for my english if it's not good because it's not my first language.I'm doing L.a.r.p or grandeur nature(I dont know the name in english).How many pound it's shoot because they restricted to like 30

  16. Hi, I wonder if there is possible to make bow from PPR pipe because I could not find PVC like yours . Btw great tutorials.

  17. What if when i flatten the bow limbs the tip is always a little curved but curved enough to ruin the bow

  18. I find the reinforced handle to be easy with 1 inch pipe bows, but really difficult with 3/4. Use some silicone lube and it really helps. So far, I've found that they then develop other problems with weak/stress spots at the end of reinforcement. Mixed bag and haven't found a good use for it yet. Center cut bows have stability issues regardless of reinforcement for me anyway. It's a tool in the arsenal, but not 'easy' for sure.

  19. Super discouraging. I've blow two attempts. The tube keeps getting jammed up after its full length goes in. I can't get the leverage to drive it in any further. The pipe just buckles and ends up super deformed.

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