32 Replies to “How to Make a Reinforced PVC Youth Recurve Bow – Part 4”

  1. Hi Nick, I followed the tutorial and although my bow looks perfect there is something seriously wrong with it. When I try to string it up, the bow twists from either limb and the string gets sprung off. It's a little hard to explain what is going on here but i'm hoping that you're familiar with the problem and know how to fix it. The bow itself looks perfectly straight from every angle that I look at it from so i'm very confused as to what the problem actually is.

  2. you dont necessarily need a rest made from pipe. when i say that, there is sheet pvc you can find in the same place as pvc pipe, and you can it with scissors( u also dont need to heat it up, you can use pliers to bend it)

  3. U da man bro i luv ur hot glue trick its better than buyin a glue gun when u just need to buy the stiks

  4. hello my friend, I'm from Brazil and I was his fan, congratulations for the work and really impressive. I would like to take a doubt about the rope to pull, what kind of material? be a nylon?

  5. The heavy bow I made had a half inch pipe inside a three quarter inch pipe, inside the one inch pipe 🙂 And the handle STILL flexes – not surprising given that the bow's pulling about 90 pounds! 😛

  6. Sweet! I feel a center cut bow coming that's not snakey! Should be more efficient and faster if that's the case as the limbs will/can be shorter without the curves. ETA Nick?

  7. Can you use other types of plastic pipes? I cant find PVC in my area, but something called PC. Is it the same?

  8. Amazing work! I just finished a modified youth recurve with a 6 inch handle (still needs paint/stain), and I'm already hankering to make my next with reinforcement. An additional 5 to 20 fps? Outstanding! Those tips are really nice and 'clean'.

  9. He did talk about that in one of the video of the tutorial… If you want a higher draw weight use larger diameter pipe, shorten the bow, make it less flat, add reflex, or look for sch 80.

  10. I've been getting about 5-20 more fps. For 35 pound bows, I usually get 135-140 fps without reinforcement and about 145-155 fps with reinforcement. The reinforced ones feel a little easier to draw for the same weight.

  11. I've had people tell me of deer they harvested with PVC bows. The 50 pound Hungry Bow seems to be the most used for hunting.

  12. How does the reinforced handle bow compare in fps with one of the same design and draw weight without the reinforced handle?

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