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  1. In Parts 3b – underside of H – which end is on the track side? I’m guessing the screws at 1” are on the track side? But I’d rather not guess.

  2. John, I bought the plans today but don’t see the add on piece at the end of the fence. Can you offer insight on it? Did you route another dado into that end of the table?
    Thanks for all that you share.
    Update. Found the answer on the website.

  3. I built this fence about a month ago and it it amazing! one personal upgrade I did was add ball bearings to the front and back of the fence, and it moves so much smoother then before!

  4. Love it! I bought the plans, though I decided to change parts A,B,C,E,F,i1, and i2 to 3/4. Thanks so much. Your inspiring me and I'm making everything I can and saving money!

  5. I finally paid for the plans. Now i just need time to make it. thank you and keep up the great content.

  6. Сэр,всё супер!👍 А я Вас потерял)). Давно нет Ваших видео.С новым годом Вас! И привет из России Вам!✊

  7. Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking about dropping the $$ for a new fence for my 25 year old Craftsman. I like the plans for the all metal fence system that uses a threaded rod to index the fence to a dim. Maybe I'll integrate these two plans and have a hybrid.. Happy woodworking.

  8. it is to much complicade it i know other kind easy and fast cheap but tanks for teach us have a good year

  9. Built this over the last few days, and it works a treat. Thanks very much for your work on the plans, build article, and videos.

  10. Retitle the video “ How to make a tablesaw fence using every tool in your shop”

    Jk! Haha good video though! Looks quality

  11. Thanks John. I bought the plans and built it. (Took me 2 days). I finished it in Teak Oil, and It is a marvel. Works perfect for my wood top Table Saw. Now I'm working on your cross cut sled design.

  12. I'm planning on buying this set of plans. But I'm always unsure… How would you fix the board at 1.12 if it wasn't straight? I think I would be losing hope if it was crooked.

  13. Another great video John,

    I notice there are few voids in the ply, what do you do about them if anything, I ask as in the UK, quality ply is mega expensive so we have to make do with whatever the wood yard has at a reasonable price usually with plenty of voids

  14. Man I wish I could say my shop /garage was cold… That way I can wear more clothes to be comfortable… Mine is 98 and humid all the time… Nowhere to vent a portable Ac and can't put holes in the wall per the lease… Anyway great video yet again. I have a cheap ass ryobi table saw and the fence is crap.. It's not even 90 to the table let alone even for rips… I will definitely try this out.. But no band saw or jigsaw yet so will have to make a few changes.

  15. Great work. A replacement fence for my cheap table saw will run me $60. Much rather build one with your plans.

  16. I have an old sears/craftsmen saw and the tabletop and rip fence need to be replaced. Thanks for this video. I'm going to build this in the coming weeks. You're a life saver

  17. John your stuff is awesome. Great content as well as very good work on the logistics of the filming. Now, for the idea. I was thinking of building your saw fence with an added experiment. What if you did the whole job the same and added a lever mechanism connected to the clamp and via a rod to the other end of the fence that would pull a magnet up and down to help keep the fence "latched" when in use, but would release the magnet when you needed to move the fence. …Scott Morgan

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