How to Make a Zero-Clearance Miter Saw Fence

How to Make a Zero-Clearance Miter Saw Fence

making small accurate cuts on a miter saw is safer when using a zero clearance fence here's how to make one cut two pieces of stock about the same length as the base with the vertical taller than the piece you want to cut and the base about the depth of the table to assemble place the base tight against the fence position the vertical piece and draw a reference line then apply a bead of CA glue also known as super glue along the back of the stock now spray the verticals bottom edge with curing activator and place it tight against the fence as you slide it down into the bead of glue pull together firmly for a few seconds until the glue grabs hold once set make three primary cuts at 90 degrees and 45 degrees in both directions and the zero clearance fence is ready for use you

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  1. Maybe add a couple of screws to the underside for safety in case that glue comes lose or something binds while cutting.

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