How to Make Reusable Shopping Bags

How to Make Reusable Shopping Bags

Hey guys, it’s Clara from Online Fabric Store Reusable shopping bags are the green way to go This washable tote bag is perfect for groceries, shopping, or just about anything really The ones you buy from the grocery store tend to be pretty ugly and not very durable By making your own you can choose the fabric and they’re stronger than store-bought bags So let’s get started The materials you’ll need are: 1 yard of lining fabric, 1 yard of an outer fabric, a stabilizer which is optional, a fabric marker, a ruler, thread, pins, scissors, and an iron Pre-wash your fabric if you plan on washing your tote bag in the future Measure and cut two pieces of the outer fabric that are 21 inches wide and 20 inches long When this bag is done, it will be 15 inches tall 13 inches wide and 7 inches deep You can make it larger or smaller if you want. I’m using medium white home decor fabrics Canvas is another good option for the outer fabric Cut two pieces of the lining that are also 21 by 20 inches You can use medium weight or light white fabrics for the lining like quilting cotton or broadcloth This other bag is made with canvas, a printed quilting cotton, and cotton webbing This one is 12 by 10 by 6 inches. To make this size cut 17 inch squares For the handles, you can use either the outer fabric or webbing If you’re using the fabric, cut 2 pieces that are 5 by 22 inches If you’re using the webbing cut two 22 inch pieces Cut a piece of stabilizer that’s 7 by 13 inches Line up the two outer pieces with right sides facing and pin the bottom Sew across the bottom with a half inch seam allowance Press the seam open Mark the center of the stabilizer on the short ends. Line it up on the bottom seam, so it’s centered There should be four inches on each side Iron to fuse the stabilizer Keep the iron on one section for 10 seconds, lift the iron and hold it on the next section until the entire piece is fused Flip the fabric over and repeat on the other side The stabilizer is optional but it gives the bag a flat bottom that’s durable and easy to load up with groceries or anything else Fold in the ends one inch and iron Fold the fabric in half with right sides facing and pin Sew along the sides with a half inch seam allowance Press the seams open Fold the corner so the bottom seam and the side seam line up Measure three and a half inches from the corner not including the seam allowance This should be at the edge of the stabilizer You can either sew just outside or on the edge of the stabilizer to make it extra secure Cut off the corner half an inch from the stitches Repeat for the other corner. Turn the bag right side out with the edges folded in one-inch Align the two lining pieces and pin Sew down the side across the bottom and up the other side Press the seams open Fold in the ends one inch and iron Box the corners like before but without the stabilizer Measure three and a half inches from the corner and draw a line at a 45 degree angle If you have a ruler like this. It’s easy to double check the angle Pin in place Sew on the lines and cut half an inch from the seams If you’re using fabric for the handles fold the fabric in half lengthwise and iron Fold each edge to the center crease and press Fold in half and iron again Sew down both sides 1/8 of an inch from the edge. Repeat for the other handle Lay the lining flat with the top folded down one inch. Mark a line six inches in from the sides Place the fabric handle or webbing on the insides of the marks Match up the ends with the raw edge of the fabric and pin Sew a square with an X through it on the ends of the handles This will make the handles extra strong without being able to see the stitches on the outside Repeat for the other handle on the other side of the lining Place the lining inside the outer fabric, make sure the edges are still folded down Match up the top edges and seams and pin all the way around Sew around the top a quarter of an inch from the edge Sew around again 1/8 of an inch from the edge Now you’re ready to shop with your reusable tote bag If you want to be able to machine wash your bags, cotton is a good choice I’ve also made one of the outdoor fabric and an oil cloth lining These materials shouldn’t be machine washed, but they’re stain resistant and the oil cloth easily wipes clean Thanks for watching this OFS project You

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  2. Awesome.  Beautifully done.  Will watch again until I can get it straight in my mind.  Will probably watch while I'm working on mine.

  3. Thank you for the tutorial…. Plastic is banned in the place I live.. This tutorial reached me right on time! Thanks a ton from India..👍👍

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I made my first bag yesterday but without the stabulizer. I noticed the bottom was more narrow than the top of the bag. Buy I'm still impressed with my work it being my first attempt to sew anything.

  5. Hi am a complete beginner and a eager to make this bag , please can u tell me where the best place is to buy the stableliser u mention in the video

    Thanks in advance
    Island empress

  6. This is way nicer and looks much more sturdy than a store bag! Thank you for this easy tutorial! I think it would be easy to add a pocket also.

  7. Excelente proyecto Felicidades , cuando explocariad unos pero con cremallera te lo agradecería gracias 👏

  8. Most people make gussets. Do you think projects are stronger this way or can they be just as sturdy when you cut separate bottom & side pieces and sew them together?

  9. Hi everyone. I don't know English so I can't understand the video completely. Can someone help me about measures of bag with details please?

  10. Can you clarify what measure is “bottom” and which is “side” please. Wasn’t clear if the 20 inches or 21 inches is the “bottom”

  11. I'm a beginner and I'm going to try this one next. I feel it's a step up from a pillow cover and sewing an extension on my curtains. Does anyone have a picture of their finished bag to share?

  12. Habe die Tasche aus zwei alten Jeans, einem alten Tshirt und einem alten Rock genäht. Super! Vielen Dank für die Anleitung!

  13. The one thing I always thought shopping bags needed but never had was a clear plastic pocket on the outside, that you could slide your shopping list into for reference. If you ever remake this video, would you consider adding that feature?

  14. I have an ugly offwhite with red stripe in the middle. Its a ruggid-ish fabric that can work as a very good bag for groceries but how do I make it pretty

  15. I just finished this bag tonight! Im so happy at how fast this came together! I love the stabilizer in the bottom. I used canvas for the exterior and broadcloth for the liner. Im excited to experiment with different fabrics!

  16. If I want to make smaller bag do I need to adjust all the other measurements too? I only see the info for the main fabric/lining bag piece. I assume I would need the change handle and boxed corner measurements for the smaller bag? Great tutorial! Thanks

  17. HI ..will try this wonderful bag.
    A couple of years ago I had chanced to buy a wonderful thick base foldable bag from kohl's in the USA.
    It was light weight ..had a thick cardboard like rectangle base which one could fold into half and button the bag into a neat square when not in use.
    I have been looking for a tutorial for the same. If you could help us with a tutorial for that it would be wonderful.

  18. this was perfect except you left out one thing the little piece to hang the bag for the people that check your groceries.

  19. When making the smaller bag I have a question. How big is the deco bond interfacing for the bottom? The large bag is 7 x 13. I was not sure if it changes for the smaller bag.

  20. Wow sis is really awesome I loved it 😍 but one request can u tell me the measurements of medium size bag this one is little big

  21. I wanted to make a bag in which I could carry my hiking boots, it would need to be washable because obviously my hiking boots are going to be dirty sometimes. This is a perfect bag for doing that. I think I just won’t make it quite as deep. Thank you!

  22. Nice bag and great instruction. Next time consider showing a visual of the measurements (L x H x W) within the video . Although it is verbally noted, having a visual of the calculations is helpful for those of us who are visual learners (like me) and also for those who do not speak English.

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