21 Replies to “How to measure and lay out fence posts”

  1. At 1:00 did he just eyeball where the end of the string ties to, is that how its done? How do you know if its straight?

  2. Great, great info. in this video. I'm watching a few YouTube videos before putting up a picket fence in front of my house. Too bad those wood pricks have infested your comments section.

  3. God damn you guys really don't know what you are doing. Set your corner posts, run the string, mark 8 ft for your 16 ft stretch, dig the hole and set that bitch. That easy

  4. The measurements would be better done in metric, so the I guess the Pythagorean square should be something like 30 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm. Those are small dimensions however so tricky to measure.

  5. the way they make the square don't make sense….if any of the lines you are coming off of isn't straight to begin with then how can it even work out right …you may have a comer but whois to say the fence will even be straight…any one of them could be crooked…you need to straight lines to work of off…and they don't show how they got that

  6. Does anyone know the length of the woodprix website presentation? I have way to much stuff to do, then to self torture myself through such BS presentation at woodprix website.

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