How to Organize Your Desktop Using Stardock Fences

How to Organize Your Desktop Using Stardock Fences

what is up everyone my name's Ken also known as Wiltshire and welcome to this video today in this video I'll be showing guys how to organize your desktop quickly cleanly and efficiently using Startalk fences so I've gotten so many comments from people on my previous videos asking me what program do you use to organize your desktop and my answer for that question is Startalk fences now there are two versions of Startalk fences that I recommend you download and use one is the full paid version that allows you to use a variety of features then the other is the free version which is the very first version of fences now the free version only limits you to create fences on your desktop it doesn't have some of the features that full paid version hats now you're probably asking me the question well what are fences exactly fences are these black boxes on my desktop that I have here to allow me to organize my icons file folders and files on my desktop now the full paid version has the ability to create folder portals now you're probably wondering what our folder portals well they're basically a shortcut to a folder that maybe deep inside your user profile on windows so for example if I make a multiple selection like you normally would on your desktop for selecting multiple files a new menu will appear after installing fences there would be two options here if you have the paid version of fences create a fence or a folder portal now I'm going to create a folder portal to show you guys what I mean a folder portal is again a shortcut so I'm just going to say select my downloads folder now once I've created this and we'll come up with a fence with my downloads folder basically I'm accessing my downloads folder from my desktop so I can manage files quicker and easier than having to go through the Start menu and then going to my user profile and then navigating to the Downloads folder so that's a very handy feature to have if you want that feature then again it's only in the paid version of fences so I'm going to delete this fence or the folder portal I'm going to show you guys desktop pages now that's another feature that the paid version has over the free version now while what our desktop pages you may ask if you hold the left mouse button and the right mouse button at the same time you'll notice that there are dots underneath here now this is page one and this is page two it's kind of like your phone with the applications drawer now if I slide to the right here I'm sliding to a new page and as you can see I have a file here for an example now say you don't want to use fences and you don't like the black boxes or anything and you want to have your icons separate your files separate and your folders separate you can create separate desktop pages for them all you have to do is click the file or folder that you want to select or and make a page for and drag it either to the left of your screen to create a new one or the right to bring it back to the previous page that it was on so since this is on its own page I want to bring it back to its original page that it was on the main page so I'm going to drag it all the way over to the right and drop it so there you go it's now on page number one however I'm using multiple monitors so you will guys won't see that file folder or the file that I just picked up so a few more features that the paid version Offences has it gives you the ability to customize a bunch of things now if you aren't sure of anything all you have to do is right-click on your desktop and go to configure fences and then a welcome message will come up and it will basically instruct you how to create things like getting started creating a fence renaming one adjusting a fence and so on this gives you so much customized ability for your desktop that it's unbelievable now I personally like to keep the fences I don't really like the folder portals all too much I'm mainly used to going to my Start menu and then going to my user profile and whatnot but what I like to do for my fences is I don't really like the black box look because it makes my desktop background look ugly so what I can do is I can go to adjust color and appearance and they go to transparency and drag that all the way down as you can see the black boxes are gone but my fences are still here and keeping everything organized and again you can change the color of everything to say if you don't like the black boxes you can maybe go to say something like an Amish red or blue or greens for instance there is so much customizability it's insane that's why I really recommend using this program for organizing your desktop I truly find that my workflow was a lot more fluid because I have this because I keep everything organized I'm one of those guys that don't like to have everything messy all over my desktop icons everywhere it just bothers me so I like to keep everything organized another thing that we can do is we can change the layout and snapping so what I mean by this is I have snapping on so say if I drag when these files out see I dragged it in the middle here it will automatically snap and organize itself to the screen so if I take this video here and let go it'll snap it to the bottom of the file folder or a file that I have above it so it'll keep everything organized for you now I'm just going to drag those and put those back in the fence here and if you hover over the fence title here you can always rename these two if you want to so all you have to do is go on here and click on the title if you're a name it to whatever you want now if you want to organize things a certain way all you have to do is click these check mark icons over here and again you can rename it here too you can go to view and you can change the opacity so I can make things say see-through I can make the icon see-through this but I don't really want to do that I can also sort the fence by name size item type and so on I like to keep them by name so everything's alphabetical order that way my brain can find things really quickly that I do that with my icons and my folders as well so that's basically a really quick rundown of Startalk fences again that is the program that I use to organize my desktop I know a lot of you guys been asking asking this question over and over and over again in the comments section and I just haven't had time to create this video so I hope this video helps you guys out and I will leave the links for the free version and the paid version in the description below so you guys can feel free to choose which one you want to do or download and use and again I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys liked it leave a like on this video I would very much appreciate that if you guys liked the content that I just showed you guys and want to see more subscribe my youtube channel I would very much appreciate that as well as always if it's easy to follow it's easy to learn and I will see you guys in the next video thanks for watching you

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  1. I've had Fences for years and didn't know I could make desktop workspaces lol. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Folder portals are pretty cool but I'm still looking for something that will sit on the taskbar and let me fan out the folder contents or stack them upwards like you can do on OSX. I am so used to clicking on that download folder on the dock and seeing all the files right there. Better than on the desktop IMO because you can have a full screen program open and still quickly get to the files and drag them into the program. If there is a program that will do this please let me know.

  3. That's basically best tutorial to start with Stardock fences…. What is this start button you are using in windows 8.1 environment if I may ask? thanks very much.

  4. Heya, I bought this and DeskScapes from a recent Humble Bundle, and I'm wondering if it's possible to set up different pages for different virtual desktops in Windows 10?

    I like what I've seen of it so far though.

  5. Very cool video. I just got this with a humble bundle deal and only had a vague idea what it was used for. My only question is, If you turn off your 2nd monitor does Stardock Fences know what to do or does it have a fit and loose some of your icons?

  6. if people still don't realise you need to buy this then humble bundle includes this software, check it out

  7. i download fances but they just said enter product key and purchase product key … how i can make please reply .. and ty

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