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  1. I would love to thank you. First of all, you have amazing points. Fear will mainly make you regret everything. I once had 2 falls, very scary. I never rode again. Gave away my horse. I began horse camp.. The first week I enjoyed it but the one I’m fixing to go to… I think about my life going to risk. But I always realise there’s some much else that can hurt you. There’s tons of dangers in the world and you can’t keep your life from it. I am afraid to fall off or something. I once told my parent “I don’t wanna go to horse camp, forget it.” I thought so much and said I WANNA GO again. But I keep thinking again, but now I know what’s keeping me from my future amazing life. Fear. I will never let fear get over my life and take over. I’m going to horse camp next week, and getting ack on a horse and riding for a week. You also can’t count on a perfect ride every time but I prayed that I’m safe in horse camp. I thank you so much. For the rest of you, do not let fear keep you from your life! It will ruin it. You are you, fear is not your life. You have control. Not fear! Thanks again!

  2. I had a horse that took off galloping with me after a jump and ever since I've been scared of every horse. I own a new horse now and sometimes he tosses his head and it freaks me out because I feel like he will take off with me. My fear is holding me back from jumping higher and I get really nervous in group lessons. Any suggestions on how to deal with my anxiety?

  3. I fell off twice in the same week off the same horse… they weren’t bad falls just a little sore but I’m terrified. I rode this tiny pony that was extremely fast (before my falls) and I absolutely loved it. Everyone was like dang she’s crazy. After my falls I rode another extremely fast pony I had a panic attack even though he was just going fast. I don’t want to quit because I love riding and horses but I don’t know what to do because I used to think while I’m riding “I never what this to to end” and now all I think is “I can’t wait for this to be over” . Told my mom tonight and I think I’ll take a break I don’t want to I want to regain confidence but I just… can’t.

  4. The first time I cantered, I screamed and my pony just stopped and looked at me like “wtf”

  5. I am not scared of riding I've been at it for 13 years now, but I got my own horse now and he's quite not green but has attitude and I am very scared to get on, I rode him once when trying him (trotted twice down a lane)

  6. You've mainly talked about people who don't canter, but this is also a help to me, a person who just wants to start riding.
    I've been wanting to start riding for maybe 3 years now, but like, I'm also really scared. One time, my neighbor called me to ride on her horse just to get a feeling but the horse is really tall and I'm afraid of heights too, and the feeling on a horse was really weird and unusual for me. I was so scared but also it was an amazing experience. And ever since that i didnt sit on a horse, but i really do want to start riding. This video has definetly encouraged me more, i am gonna think about it more and hopefully mom would sign me up into the riding club so i can learn to ride, overcome my fear and it would be a good therapy for my scoliosis too ^^ thanks for making the video, it definetly encouraged me more 💕

  7. God bless your fear series 🙏 I’m afraid of cantering and this really helping. My riding instructor is getting tired of my being afraid and she’s making me canter next week! I’ve been stuck at trot for 3ish years (oof, but my lower leg is GOLDEN) and Im binging these to psych myself up

  8. my pony almost bucked while riding, i slid off because we were riding bareback. guess what i did? i comforted him and got back on. "Your worst fear of all is- fear" -Remus Lupin (a harry potter character) to calm down a horse take deep breaths ive only got to a trot so its not scary yet but its gonna be soon because jumps are at canters

  9. Found this super helpful ! I have a fear of loosing control in canter (in open spaces) after a bad fall last year but this is making me want to give it a go again!

  10. First time I rode a horse I was about 8, it was with a teacher. But my second time was a buddy of mines horse he let me ride but once he got out of sight of the horse he sure did try to buck me off the trees and everything.

  11. I don't have my own horses, but I ride my cousins (also neighbors) and they give me riding lessons. They had a strong passion for horses all their life and they finally got horses when they were 13 and 15. They are now 18 and 20. They are fearless riders from wanting horses all their life. (They did have experience when they were younger with minis.) The problem is that I am a scaredy-cat rider and they are so brave and fearless that it made me even scarier. We go on trail rides and "It's only one little hill." but it never is. I got so scared, I pretty much quit for the summer (Fall I had a foot injury from volleyball, and winter obvi cant ride.) Does anyone have any tips for how to not be so afraid? Of course, I'm not gonna go to a different trainer or anything like that. My cousins are my inspiraion.

  12. I've been riding for a while now but everytime I have a lesson i get super anxious and want to leave or quit. During the lesson its normally alright but I rethink everything and get scared that I didnt do it right. Recently I just started riding a new horse and I am really scared to trot even though i already know how. Hes a sensitive horse and he doesnt need as much contact when riding but i dont know how much contact I need.

  13. I am such a confident rider on my own horse.. she's a 9 year old tb mare and she is amazing, she's spooked,bucked,bolted with me so many times but it barely rattled my confidence, I've been taking her to pony club for about 3-4 months and every single time i go I'm still scared shitless.. i get so nervous when i go to pony club.. i don't know why I'm so nervous but i just am i guess, when i was younger i rode for four years 7-11 and i stopped because of a bad fall and i started again at 12, i was so nervous, i had not a single fear when i was younger but i was full of them. I quickly gained my confidence back and i am now 14 almost 15 and where i am now. My other problem is, i always get really nervous when riding other horses, this fear has kind of gotten better as four of my friends let me ride their horses/ponies and i walked,trotted and cantered and even jumped on two of them, but when i was 13, i was riding my friends horse and it took off on me and it went over 2 jumps that were about 80cm and it stopped right after one and threw me off, which is the reason i don't really like riding many other horses.. but i have no idea how to overcome my fear of pony club and going to new places to ride. my instructor who is pretty much a sister to me doesn't understand why it scares me so much, she always tells me that it will be okay and i know that nothing is going to happen but i still get so worried, one day i got so worried i was vomiting. I can't have this fear anymore, I'm competing next week and i don't know what to do. I'm gonna be so nervous. oh no 🙁

  14. Every time I get on a new horse or the horse I part board spooks or bucks I freak out. I feel like I get scared too often. I haven’t fallen in years but my last fall was bad, I blacked out and got a concussion that lasted over a month. I also get rlly scared of falling bc I am absolutely terrified of breaking a bone not just bc of the pain, but also bc of the recovery time

  15. I love riding horses but I'm really scared too) : I go to a thing where it helps with people with anxiety. And it does stuff with horses. Like we brush them and stuff. We only ride somtimes though. I go from 9-2.30 and in the morning we usually play games in the morning (we played hide and seek for 1 hour one time) and next week we are going to ride the horses. I'm scared but excited

  16. Im rlly scared to ride right now but i will comtinues cause NO ONE AND NO FALLING can take away my passion for horses … i will change my horse hope the new horse will be better… i fell 3 times and i broke my leg once but now im fine;)

  17. @YourRidingSuccess : If anyone could help me with this and reply, that would mean the world. So, I am going to my friends ranch in two days- and I have been before. She has two horses, and we go trail riding a lot, it is fun when we did it, but I have a big fear…I am scared that the horse is going to get mad and not cooperate, and buck me off or….worse! I am also so scared that if it gets spooked (Last time the horse got spooked by a stump and ran VERY fast) it will run off fast and I could fall off. If anyone could reply to help me, it would be awesome for some tips!

  18. A little over a week ago I was jumping my horse and he tapped his foot on a jump which somehow scared him and so he took off i somehow managed to stay on which was good, the next day we took him to a new place as a little fun trip and I couldn't ride him the first day as he was spooking at everything and today I was riding him and I was kinda nervous and he kept reacting off of it and I don't know what to do because 4 months ago I was riding and was injured and I'm still scared and I can tell me trainer is loosing her patience with me and I love this horse but I'm nervous all the time and I'm scared I'm never gonna get over it

  19. So this is helping me a lot and I sent it to somebody else I know that's been having trouble with fear in riding so I hope that helps him too so thank you for making these videos

  20. I am having some real troubles at the moment and it has gotten to the point where I don’t want to ride anymore. Fear is overcoming my life so much so I haven’t achieved anything in 3 years. This video helped me to brake down the wall and I thank you so much for that

  21. My fear is my horse running off and big jumps. I find that I feel that in the canter my horse almost runs out of my hands and gets out of control because of an accident I had when my horse really isn’t.

  22. I’m nervous and scared to do anything but walking and I don’t know why. I go out there and saddle up and as soon as I get on it’s like I’m frozen and can’t to anything except worry and feel like “what if” and those thoughts. If anyone has any tips please help! I really want to get good as a young, beginner equestrian. I’ve learned that it’s nothing like western riding for sure! Lol but seriously please help!

  23. One week I'm cantering jumping next week I will barley walk and I'm terrified. My dad had an accident with horses and passed

  24. Could you please give me some tips because I have had my pony 5yrs then we sold him but we bought him back and the people who we bought him back of said he was rearing and I am am scared to get on but there's this bit in my heart that's wants me to get on but i am scared to fall off but I don't know why because it wouldn't be the first time , could you help ?? Xx

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