18 Replies to “How to play a forehand drive in table tennis”

  1. Another excellent video.We are very fortunate to receive this clear guidance without paying for it.Beginners will develop quickly with this help.

  2. I have watched many such videos, I find this to be the best for beginner and intermediate players. I have taken twelve 90-minute lessons, won 2 out of 2 intermediate tournaments at club level and I still find your videos super helpful. Thank you!

  3. Hey, thanks for the good video! Can I ask you what microphone and camera are you using? I am making my table tennis lessons video too!

  4. I would say that your action is somewhat restricted: the arm seems a little stiff, the backswing is short, the end position is not really in front of your body. Also, during the footwork drills, one can see that your hips don't do as much action as in the static drills and the arm is doing most of the work. The action in fact resembles a "block" more than a "drive", perhaps because your sparring partner in the video is imparting a lot of speed on the ball.


    Let's compare with Ma Long: his action looks more fluid. I believe he does the typical "relax-explode-relax" technique. His backswing is bigger. His arm ends perfectly in front of his body. His hips are not doing as much work as when he topspins but still there is more an appearance of the arm being brought into motion by the inertia of the hip rotation.

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