How to Play a Forehand Smash in Table Tennis

How to Play a Forehand Smash in Table Tennis

the goal of a smash is to finish off your opponent with an unreturnable shot the benefit of this stroke is the power speed and quick recovery time it's simply a faster more explosive version of a forehand drive the key differences include a longer box swing greater weight transfer during the swing a faster more intense snapping of the forearm when contacting the ball a more closed racket angle to keep the ball on the table and a longer follow-through Smashing combines waist forearm and wrist movement to the fullest extent because of such extreme power in such little topspin the smash can be difficult to control power is crucial but control is of primary importance some players prefer to smash the ball with very little spin and as much speed as possible while others feel more comfortable using a little topspin to aid their control here's a detailed breakdown of the stroke demonstrated by coach Lee start in the ready position with a closed racket angle begin the backswing by rotating your waist and shoulders to bring your arm back behind you at a round waist level at the peak of your backswing with most of your body weight on your back foot and your shoulders at a 90 degree angle to the table initiate the forward motion by rotating your hips waist and shoulders forward as your waist is turning keep your wrist and arm relaxed as it explosively swings forward and follows through on the ball end with most of your body weight on your front foot your racket up and over your opposite shoulder and your shoulders squarely facing the end line of the table your waist should initiate both the backswing and the fore swing of the stroke the power will then come from your body which is crucial a good smash stroke is efficient and explosive hit the ball on the rise and recover quickly remember that it's the transfer of your body weight forward that generates the explosive power of the smash

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  1. I'm facing problem with the speed in forehand smash
    I unwillingly apply topspin to the ball while trying to smash with forehand, it is because I learned topspin first and then smashes came into play. That's why opponent gets time to direct the counter stroke. How can I rectify this problem??

  2. it would be although interesting to got explained when and when better not to smash !! this is even more crucial !!

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