How to Play a Table Tennis Forehand Drive: Beginners Level

How to Play a Table Tennis Forehand Drive: Beginners Level

well welcome to prescient table tennis club we've been currently supported to do this video by the owners of this place is caught in a Neumann College so we sincerely thank them for their kind donation it's been quite a while since we did our last coaching session and been constantly asked to do another one so out of retirement let's say here we are today so what we're going to do and the further ones that we've already done in the past years we're going to have a look at the four hundred now if you talk to a lot of coaches about four hundreds there will be various opinions as how this should be performed burn in mind that opinion from a course will be valid but it will be aimed at the person is talking to and that person could be a different level than what we're going to talk about today we're going to talk about the understanding of a forehand drive from a basic beginner level so that when they progress up and stand it they will know exactly what they're looking for before they even played so that's the introduction so but what have we got two people to help me today we've got young Beth in the ls who's ten years of age I'm currently England number one under ten ranked player and currently the England under ten national champion and we've got a brother Toby Alice who's 11 years of age and he's under 13 ranked number eight in England and I'm sure with there must be something else that these two talented youngsters are believed it if I missed anything you're both Lancashire County champions at the same time in the same season well I think that's pretty commendable well done to both of you yet so let's let's look at now the actual technical part of what we're actually talking about okay Toby if you're glad to go over there in any position and Beth will go in a position so we've said various people are various ideas I have mind and I've been caught in an awful long time and I won't change those ideas irrespective of how the game has progressed over the years the games got faster because people are technically better and the games got faster because the technical stuff who you're playing with it's infinitely better than it was many many years ago so the first thing to remember is that when I talk about foreign drives there's two things that's built into this one is to getting your stamps into the position which automatically puts the bat in position and that means to say that when we're sorry to commence the stroke the bat can only go one way which is up from the bottom of the bat level with the table up into the bowl to contact and complete the shot back carry on going up until it goes towards your opponent's head two things will happen to that one the back and only go one way as I've said and it will put automatically topspin on the ball so there's no need to try to do any wrist actions or elbow actions I'm not looking for that at this stage what I'm looking for is a nice easy contact and I'll just demonstrate it slowly without hitting the ball so if I am looking at my opponent and the ball then suddenly switches to my forehand doing it in a slow-motion action and I'm sure it on video it will be even slower I'm moving to position to play the stroke taking my right shoulder down which will bring the bottom of my back down and it should be round about the level of the table something like that now from that position I'm waiting now for the ball to come all I will do is rotate my shoulder back to where it come from my upper body back to where it comes from to look for the ball to commence the contact on the ball and then I will be over balancing if I don't do something else so as soon as I hit the ball I need to move my left foot forward to take my balance which then takes all the weight through the ball and the ball will good progress over the table let's do it again I'm in position I play the stroke the ball comes I follow the tracking of the ball the position of the ball with my shoulder the bat is in my eyesight of my back foot I tipped my back foot back into position the back goes really all in one motion not two three no everything is simple it's smooth we move we pause and we play one of the things one of the things that we can put in your mind to make sure we that you've got this action rises in your practices rather than playing the game just think about the three P's that's called the letter P what does it mean it means one position when the ball is coming we're going to hit the four on Drive do it how do we know we've picked the line of the ball up from our opponent it's coming wide of our side we can play a four undried to this so we need to move into position to get ready to play that ball hence we move in position and I'm ready to play the ball if you move position correctly and I'll come to a most important point in a minute you will find that if you do not take your bat further back from your back foot you will be in a position to pause waiting for that ball to come to your side not every time but I will suggest that at least 80 to 90 percent of the time you player for hands if you get position all in one movement into position you will be paused before you play the shot so we've got the three P's we've got position pause and then we play three separate actions in your mind when you're doing your practices go over it and over it again and again and again and you will come second nature when you're on the table to play those shots you will look at videos a very very top players and this is a danger that young people that we've got Bethany and Toby there will go home and they will look at the world champion and they will look at the European champion and they will be playing four hands slightly different than what I'm talking about why because of the best in the world in the camp and at that level there we'll need something else other than what I am talking about today they will need to bring the elbow in which will drop that I'm but angle away from the 90 degrees that we want and they will drop the wrist at the same time because to need more spin on the ball they have to have those two elements of coming in at that level we are not talking about that level we are talking about understanding what happens to a stroke on a topspin Drive so that will build in and we have a criticism before when we've talked about videos without criticism when people saying if that shap serve like that to me I would kill him he completely missed the point of where were out all our videos at Preston Table Tennis Club has done is about young people started on the path and started to play the game reasonably correct getting it correct so they understand completely what's happening to the game the rest will follow later on I mentioned 90 degrees there 90 degrees in the arm as you move in position your butter I'm stairs in 90 degrees I don't want the elbe moving and I don't want that risk moving it's all one movement shoulder down in position paws up would play this rock and the way goes the ball the most important thing is when you move the bat in position the bat does not go back further than your back foot there are times when it will you will do anything you possibly can to get the ball on the table and the reason for that is because we might underestimate the speed of the ball because if this hit faster or it's spun from the opponent which in terms will give us more speed we have to adapt to that and the times were that we might have to adjust my bat position one thing you need to think about is if you take your a bath in position like I would like it to be the bat stairs over the back foot you will be waiting for that ball to come if you then continue taking the bat back once the ball is in position and will awful lot to play you will see an awful lot to play do that they're doing something now that they shouldn't have done and they're now going to have to do something that they shouldn't do before they can actually do something that they should do because that is where it should be that's where some people take it and then they have to come all the way back into position from there and then carry on to hit the ball and then carry on to complete the ball why do we need to waste all this time and energy because it means you said that you're rushing the straw and the straw becomes a one action the stroke is not a one action the stroke is a 3-point action the three P's positioned pause play one thing I failed to mention if that bath is in position there and the ball comes from my opponents side and I have underestimated the speed and it's faster and I haven't got time to complete what I want to do I don't have to do anything all I need to do is just keep the bat where it is just bring it up slightly with my body and the ball will hit my bat and all I need to do is just nudge it back if you can think about those three things we have a chance of being more more amore consistent and effective with a stroke were playing what I don't want to do in practices who think that you've got to knock the ball pass your opponent every time you hit the ball otherwise it's pointless one has to wait there's a feeder and the other one has to wait there's a player you get your chances and we'll bring these two young players on in a moment when I have demonstrated this role so what I'm gonna do now is ask Toby to feed me and I must you need to put the ball halfway between my forehand side so I don't play no more and I don't move very fast now so we'll just try and emphasize the back foot going back as the ball comes so as long as it's there the bus gotta go lower and it's got to come off that's better one thing to look at is if my batting position nor faster than that's great stuff that if the bus in position are waiting to go right angles throw me up shoulder threw the ball if you look at the contact it should be round about my left shoulder it may be put in front and it may be slightly bi but in the man that's what you should be looking for but for more sometimes when you're in position and you're waiting for the ball gonna get the rally going nicely and less you're hitting the ball flat out like that the chances are you don't need to move your left foot forward but if you want the maximum power with the 90 degrees angle you need to get that left foot going through the ball which throws your body weight through the ball and it gives it more weight behind it now this time what our last orbit to do is play three drives and then hit the ball to my bat and if my bus in position when you're ready Tori I should be able to make contact with this ball well they'll return it or not with skill and practice I will be able to do hopefully I'll be able to achieve what I'm trying to tell you that's what I'm trying to achieve all right and then suddenly from a slow ball that I use as a block it may well be that I could bring the opponent in just a touch so I could put it away and I get one right and he goes where past him okay so we know what we're doing yes striking the ball with your right foot in the back at the same time right good position wait for the ball and then drive the ball to the top of his head however go now that's looking pretty good we've got a good balancer a beautiful posture bring it back bit lower bring the back room a bit lower I'm a bit lower stop bad don't worry about that everybody's entitled to make mistakes the shoulders are well in front of the West the right show the resolution through the ball the butt is going in a straight angle from the ninety degrees but I'm so I would suggest that if we carry on doing that sort of thing in practices right the practice session could increase in speed the stroke will actually create more consistency and the right foot could actually move back a little bit if Toby just increases the pace of the ball in the practice not until he you have to do it bethenny right that's pretty nice that of the bar is staying right over the bike foot she's got plenty of time to play this rock it's nice and compact is tight nice movement I'm happy with the bat position it's all with the back foot I'm up it with the right angle but arm position I'm up it with the plane of the straw the back have come from a little bit of a lower position but I'm getting the nitpicking now that's perfect keep it going that way I keep it going up slowly that's absolutely beautiful the plane on the stroke is superb right well that was absolutely great that Bethany right you've got the principles right there I keep on working on that so we should be on the right track so what we'll do now is your best if you're better if you go to the outside and Toby for you come round here and let's have a look at table now see whether he's got the principles of distraught here we go so keep it nice and steady let me have a look at the right angles that's perfect right the bus starting maybe just a touch behind his heel but I've stopped doing what it'd do much to be worried about leaned for a little more Toby now there Toby you've absolutely squirrely we need to get that left foot slightly forward right we need to get that left foot slightly forward that's perfect now then got right shoulders coming through square with the left I'm happy the angle is right angles the bus going up through the ball is giving it nice topspin without actually giving it any touchscreen whatsoever that's brilliantly now if you find that you're a level that that's too near or too far right you just eat yourself but what we don't want is going too far do we and there's two ways we can get it too far stay where you are and let your back or too far or stay in your back where it is and let your body go back too far either one of those two we don't want however gone so it's three feeders in one drive one two three and there we go one two three let it go nasha steady okay what of it I was real pleased with that that's that's a good example of what we're going to where we were out and where we need to go to Bethany excellent control there and in your practice on this side of the table demonstrates to me that you're getting the idea where we're about so let's let's recap the whole session now and let's conclude right so what we can do then is just briefly run through the basic things that we're talking about you see the ball coming for your opponent and the ball is now going to switch to a foreign side and we know that we can play a foreign Drive to that ball the first thing we have to do is move into the position and we have to get the bat following the back foot at the same time all in one smooth movement once the batter is in its position it will be stationary at that position and then the ball comes in delaying it comes into range and we just transfer the shoulder back so he goes squirt to the table the bat goes up through the ball importing topspin on the ball without even trying to put any spin on it the bass aiming for the head of the opponent and the ball can please recital what would happen then is that we shall actually go back to control position and then move yet again but in the exercises we've been done we know that the ball is going from point to point so there is really no real reason to move from one place to the other we've achieved the three P's let's remind ourselves what the three P's are we see the ball so we need to go to position that's one in position we need to make sure we're enough time to play the shot that's why we pause that won't happen all the time but it will if the movement is quickly and it's smooth if you labor the movement you won't have time to pause if you click on your movement you will be paused so that's the second piece and then all we have to do is the third one which is play the stroke right angles at the bottom don't use your wrist don't use your elbow keep your body in lovely position that we showed before on the from the films with the shoulders be in front of the West all we have to do is transfer the upper body back towards rapport with the back coming up through the ball I'm finishing first on to the opponent's head that basically is all we're trying to achieve with this video as I said right at the beginning he'll talk to logic or tease around the country who've got all the charges they've got all the charges and they'll all be talking about the foreign drive and the people that they're talking to will all be different levels of competence and the foreign drive will be different only marginally because in what we're talking about the basics will be there but the certain differences will be according to the standards of the player that they're talking to let's reassure everybody that you'll enjoy this video if you remember where it's aimed at it's aimed at people that's only just starting this game and need to know exactly what to do to a certain ball this is one of the most technical points of the game and this is why it's coaches are so enthusiastic to develop people to play four on top spins and one courses different opinion will be another's we have ours and I'm assured about keeping into it you'll be successful so thank you for watching it and I hope you enjoy it thank you very much then I could bring the opponent in just a touch so I could put it away wipe sauce stop don't edit that I mean edit that put that on that was total crap [Applause]

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  4. Its also helpful to know that you're hitting the top half of the ball when countering while both players are using spinny rubber. You hit across the top of the ball when your opponent makes a lot of topspin. Or you hit just the top back of the ball when your opponent makes less topspin. Sometimes your opponent will hit very slow or they will just block. Then the ball has a lot less speed and topspin. Provided that your drive before that wasn't too good. In which case a simple block can be deadly!

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