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  1. I’m Rly Good At Heading (6’1” And 16 Years Old) But Don’t Have The Best Build At Only 139 Lbs. So Do U Need Strength Or At Least More Strength Than Ur Opponents

  2. Thanks good video. This was nice because it gave good simple advice that was more general advice than extremely specific, which is good help

  3. I m a CB player bt I have a problem I usually get faked wit the strikers they can shoots n the result is goal I want to get a tip nt to get faked by the opponents

  4. I play centre back myself and here are some tips.

    Stay pressured on the players with possession of the ball

    Think about the right time to tackle

    You must know what could happen when a player is 1v1 with you.

  5. Does anybody think this video looks like the video of progressive soccer training about defense or some other video about defense? Just checking

  6. I just started playing defence turns out I'm a natural at it lol just thought I get some extra tips thanks for the help👌

  7. Please tell me what to do I'm a centre back but my goalkeeper doesn't trust me he comes out of his box to save a ball when I'm totally on it last week he consider a goal please help

  8. As much as I miss pining balls to the wingers, the simple play is a massive improvement to my game cheers mate👍🏻

  9. Jared, you help me so much by understanding the game a lot better. You also help me improve when most others won't. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  10. hey Jared i play soccer for my school but most of our attackers dont pass much so i tell them to start passing like Barcelona but we need more practice on that. Do you know any drills to get us to be able to pass like Barcelona(Tiki-Taka)

  11. what do you mean you don't have to be tall to play cb? you definitely have to be tall. Like 6 ft- 6'4 ft

  12. One suggestion you may have missed or not thought of in the positioning portion of the video: When the fullback has the ball the centerbacks have to drop to get space for themselves away from the opposition forward. Too often players don't know this simple concept that helps keep possession, and it drives me crazy!

    For example when your team has the ball, the back line should look like this:

    LB RB


    Not like this:

  13. I coach a girls U12 team in So. California. These videos have been incredibly helpful in coaching my team. Thanks for the all your help Online Soccer Academy.

  14. Do you have to be fast to be a good centre back? I watch defenders like Mats Hummels, Per Mertesacker, and Pique. They're not the fastest players but they're some of the best defenders in the world. I'm not the fastest players but I have good positional awareness and I'm not scared of making a block on a hard shot because I was a goalkeeper before. So, do you have to be fast as a defender?

  15. Hey Jared, I recently suffered from typhoid. The doctor has told me to rest for a few months. After how much time do you think i can start playing soccer/football again?

  16. Hey I know you won't replay to me but I just wanna know you're thoughts cause I just quit a soccer team at my school the coach was mean always yelled and also soccer wasn't fun for me cause there was always arguing with him and one day He threw a pen at my face I wanna play on a club but the only way I can play is here at school what do I do I miss soccer 😭 please help me

  17. How to deal with fast attackers in 1v1 situation when they push the ball through me and use their speed to get over me???

  18. my back been hurting for like 1 week I play soccrr and volleyball came on my school I tried out and I spiked it and my back hurts know what can I do please answer me thank you

  19. What do you do when one of your teammates are ahead of you and tried to make a pass to you, but overpassed it? How do you make it go back to the other team's side?

  20. Great vid Jared. But if you have space, wouldn't you recommend changing the angle by dribbling to the left or right an opening a passing lane? Of course, in your own half you can take two-touches but you still have to be quick and calm about it. @OnlineSoccerAcademy.com

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