How To Play Defensive Center Midfield in Soccer

How To Play Defensive Center Midfield in Soccer

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  1. This is a great video. Young players never check their shoulders and turn into the players or dribble out of trouble, Some great info.

  2. Could you please make a video on how to play fullback (left or right will do ). By the way, my strong foot is the right foot , but can I play left back?

  3. I was practicing today for soccer and I had to play central defensive midfield. I don't really like this position because there are bunch of defenders around me and I ALWAYS have to make a quick pass to the wingers so I don't get to dribble. I really find this position boring. All you do is run down and wait for the wingers to cross the ball. Everyone always pass to the wingers because they are the one's who are doing the work and dribbling.
    Do you usually dribble when you play central defensive midfield? Is this position even suppose to be fun anyways? I'd rather play wingers.

  4. In holland we play with like a central central midfielder. (when we play 4-3-3 in game) Can you make a video on how to play at that position?

  5. Awesome video! you have cleared up a lot of this for me. But I have been recently playing against players that like to fake a pass or shot a lot when they have the ball. What is the best way to get the ball at that point.

  6. I would really Like to know what to do when you are a fast winger with a not so fast striker. My team Often plays counterfootball, but as a winger i dont know what to do if my striker isnt fast enough to follow me

  7. Hey, Jared. Please read this. Some video tips: Tips on how to do the half turn, How to play Center Midfielder, How to shoot the ball with accuracy, How to play a killer pass

  8. The CDM role will be a huge position in the upcoming years. Already a great position, but not used enough. Takes a very special player to be able to handle it. I guess that's what it's such an beautiful position.

  9. I need help I'm not that good at soccer I play cb in a team I just joined but I left cuz one day we were playing a match and I get really nervous when I play anyways I know I can defend but I get scared of the ball in corners I try to head the ball but I miss the whole ball or it hits my face I can't shoot that wheel I don't have much accuracy and when and opposing player crosses the ball to his team mate I try to clear it or hit it wit my head but I mess up and the ball goes to the player and scores and get really mad I want to get better my neighbor try to teach me but when I try to what he says I mess up anyway that they they made like 3 goal on my team and they were all my fault I felt really sad cuz I like to play I just wish I was good at it plz help me

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