How to Play Horseshoes : How to Set Up Horseshoes Pit

How to Play Horseshoes : How to Set Up Horseshoes Pit

In this clip, we are going to talk about the
actual pit, what you pitch into. It is guided by the parameters that we have concrete along
each side, here the wood back board which is primarily a safety feature so that when
the shoe comes in and it takes a bad bounce, nobody gets hurt and also the frontal area
here that is guided by this board. So we use here in Florida because of one thing being
availability but this sand and shell is mixed. You've got some play, you've got some shoe
that will move. This allows us, the old timers just a little bit of lead way and we can live
with that. The pits will vary somewhat. If it is in your backyard it may start out as
topsoil and will get pretty well worked together and as you are playing with it, you get it
maybe in a good consistency. You can do things with that in your own backyard that may suit
you. If you have sand available, maybe you will want sand. But whatever you want to choose
that is the thing. The primary thing is that you've got this which is dictated by the guidelines
on horseshoes what the width is and this is where you need to get your shoe. Obviously
again we are aiming for ringers and we want to get as close to the pen as you can.

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  1. This fucking yuppy wasted my time talking about bullshit safety for a minute 13 seconds and didnt talk about the ya know…. IMPORTANT SHIT!! like what about the dimensions of the fucking pit and the rules of the game jack ass???

  2. Why all these one-minute videos? It's very frustrating. Couldn't you just have done one thirty-minute one?

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