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  1. Midfielders more of frequent pass playing players, and they have more same team player cluster in the midfield so a defender has less of an opportunity to snatch the boll in the midfield , tactics to snitch porey demonstrate korboh , London eh

  2. When I was in pe in my school my pe teacher said midfielders go from there middle line to the opponents middle line and they score a goal from there and my pe teacher said forward can go anywhere is this about forward and midfield true please tell me

  3. I want to start coaching career. I am a midfielder for like 8 years. So I want to start coaching and I know I am going to do better combining my playing skills.

  4. I was defender now my coach switched me to midfielder and we just started a new season so I litterly forgot everything and I have know idea what I do as midfielder!


  6. Ok so tryouts are tomorrow and the coach said I'm going to change position last year I was defense this year I'm gonna be midfield but I'm still confused someone plz help me

  7. Great coaching points: great coaching session, Coach Adrian, of 2 V 1 passing, through numbers-up, in midfield, right channel play. 

    However, Checking In and Checking Out to create space are needed to be drilled constantly to players.  Standing players have a tendency not to check in and check out.  At 0:52, player checks out well to receive ball from Coach.  Player did not Check In, however.

    Checking In and Checking Out create good habits. Here is why: Checking In and Checking Out are important to create time and space around the ball.

    In terms of space creation, the generic terminology is:

    o Checking into space toward your opponent and checking Out from space, away from your opponent to receive the ball.  Checking into space, you pull your marker away from ball, attacker creates space to receive/touch.

    o Checking Out from space, you come to receive ball, space is again sustained, hopefully you lost your marker.

    One common fault by young players on checking-in and Checking-Out tactics, however, is that they drag the defender with them too close toward the ball.  If this occurs, Space and Time are again restricted.

    To lose the marker, in order to maintain space, time, and show support are important to teach immediately. B-Licensed.

  8. Were playing soccer in PE and i love it but our game is tomorrow and my team captin made me midfielder and I have no idea what to do.. 

  9. Im a defensive player. I play midfielder every once in a while andthe first time I was a midfielder, I had no idea that we had to go to the other part of the field, I always thoughtwe had to stay in the center. Ahahaha

  10. thumbs up if you think soccer/football looks awesome, just joined a rec league soccer team without having ever played a minute of soccer/football, and are now like, "oh crap, i guess i need to learn how to play."

  11. Midfielders go to both side, they have to run the whole field during the game… Well at least I do…

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