How to Play Table Tennis: Sidespin Serve

How to Play Table Tennis: Sidespin Serve

so another option apart from the backspin and the topspin serve is site spin as it says sites Ben is hitting the ball on the side of the ball and it's create in the side words motion sort of like a free kick in football with our balls curling around into the top corner so when you're kept in that ball make sure you cut the wrong to save the ball and if the ball is hit by your opponent that it shoots off from the side then you know you've got a very good serve so with the three variations of topspin backspin and sidespin you're gonna create a lot of options and variations there for you you you for more table tennis coaching videos from Ryan Jenkins please visit home resurrect calm /tv

7 Replies to “How to Play Table Tennis: Sidespin Serve”

  1. So how would I return this serve so that it at least makes it on the table. I played at a club and this guy kept doing this exact serve but when I tried to return it or do anything it went to the left or to the right.

  2. Hi 😀 can I get some advice…
    As a short pips-out hitter I try to make my serving motion identical… I mixed in short underspin serves with topsin/ side-top spin serves.. The ball will either go down the net or pops out the table… which I think works well..
    My problem is that when I mixed in side spin serves.. My opponents seems comfortable returning it and don't have much trouble.. how do I improve side spin serves? is it ball placement? or is it because I can't generate much spin with short pips?
    p.s I also mixed in long and fast serves ( down the line and cross court which seems to work well). Do you have any advice or tips? I tried to do reverse pendulum serve but it is hard to make the motion identical to my other serves.

  3. Do you have a tutorial on ways to return this serve? I mean how to avoid getting "affected" by that side spin and just "pass" it back to the opponent… Would be such a great video… MANY people are having trouble with this type of serve including myself…

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