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  1. So:
    Make you're you're packed, and all your gear is ready and up for the competition.
    Try your best to speak English even though you're French, and English is the language of island barbarians.
    Play video games and do some hard labour.
    Pack your bow.

    Got it!

  2. strange step 3!!?? It is IMHO exactly the clicker that cures the target-panic for many shooters. If Target Panic exists while shooting with a clicker, the problem has gotten even more difficult to resolve.

    However i agree that shooting with a ring, without dot, and on a bigger target are excellent helping exercises.
    I should add as step 3: indeed let the archer regain control by training LOTS of arrows on the bigger target, by aiming and not shooting, stepping down again, … The archer must regain the feeling of having control, has to get released of the stress-level that the yellow of the centre gives him/her.
    (I am a veteran and experienced archery-trainer so I know a few things about archery)

  3. Awesome little video. Really enjoying World Archery TV youtube channel. The channel is making great progress. Keep up the great work!

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