How To Prevent Portable Generator Theft

How To Prevent Portable Generator Theft

Hi folks, it’s Mike with, The place you will find some great tips from the kitchen to the garage. And if you are someone with a curious mind who likes to learn new skills so that you can be more handy around the house,
I invite you to subscribe. Now on this video we’re going to show you how
to lock down your generator to help prevent generator theft. And notice I
said, help prevent generator theft. Because the fact is there is no way that
you can lock down a portable generator so a thief doesn’t take it, if he is
determined to take it. But on this video, we’re gonna show you how to lock it down
and we’re also going to show you a couple of techniques that you might not
have thought of. We’re going to show you how to find the generator, if in fact a
thief takes it. And we’re also going to show you how to identify the generator when
you find it so that you can demonstrate to law enforcement and say, hey, hey, hey,
hey, this is my generator and I can prove it. Real quick folks before we begin the
video on how to prevent generator theft, I wanted to let you know that we decided
to extend this series on portable generators. We are going to include a
video on how to make an inexpensive generator cover. Our generator cover is
completely portable and can easily be stored. When that video is complete, we
will include it at the end of this video. If you don’t see it at the end of this
video, check the video description. Okay let’s start with the lock and the cable.
As I indicated in the opening, if a thief is determined to steal your generator,
it’s going to be awful hard to stop him. But what you want to do is make it as
difficult as possible by using a high quality lock, with a cable that is very
very difficult to cut. We got this heavy-duty lock and 1/2 inch plastic
coated cable that helps prevent corrosion from Amazon. And we’ll put an affiliate
link in the video description in case you want to get one. This lock has enough
room to allow you to loop the cable through the generator or around a tree
and bring both ends into the lock, so that they can be secured. Okay, let’s talk
about outdoor lighting for a second. Outdoor lighting is very important to
prevent generator theft. Ad we wanted our outdoor lights to be independent of
the generator. Meaning we wanted the light to still be on if the
thief unplugged the generator. So we went with this solar-powered light that is
permanently mounted to the side of the house. It is difficult to show in the
video just how bright this light is, but it is surprisingly bright and cast light
all the way across the yard. According to the manufacturer, it has 68 LEDs in there.
It comes with a remote control that allows you to switch between dusk till
dawn lighting, and motion sensor lighting. We picked this one up from Amazon, and
we’ll put an affiliate link in the video description for you. Okay you know how you turn your bicycle
upside down and write your name under the seat so you can identify it? Well you
want to do the same with this generator. And you want to make sure that you use
an etcher like this, to permanently put your name in an inconspicuous spot. Also you want to take a photograph of the name and the serial number of your
generator. We also wanted to put an alarm on the
generator in the event it ran out of fuel, or if some thief unplug the cord.
And as it turns out, this power outlet alarm does the trick. The manufacturer
says that the alarm is equivalent to an alarm clock alarm. The great thing about
this particular alarm is that when the power goes off, it automatically switches
to flashlight mode. We get this one from Amazon for under 15 bucks. Okay so what if, even though you have
lights, alarm, and a nice heavy cable, someone does steal your generator. Well
you can find it using a GPS tracking system like this. This GPS tracking
system has a very powerful magnet allowing you to hide it up inside the
generator somewhere. And this way if a thief takes it you’ll be able to locate
it because the system will send you a text message with its exact GPS
coordinates. Then you can call law enforcement to help retrieve your
generator. And you’ll be able to demonstrate to them that this in fact is
your generator, because your name is permanently etched underneath. Well there
you go folks, now you know how to protect your generator from thieves. Now if you
learn something here today, I invite you to subscribe so that when we post a new
video you will be notified. Thanks for watching ♥

32 Replies to “How To Prevent Portable Generator Theft”

  1. A few things I didn't know or even consider! Good video and thank you. Now, about the link that's missing concerning the wooden portable cover…?

  2. is there a GPS unit that DOESN'T require a simple card? one you don't have to mk monthly payments. that's the one thing that stops me from purchasing one

  3. I am looking at generators right now to help power my off-grid home, and I have been so nervous about theft. This video helped so much, and gave me great ideas. Thanks so much for making it πŸ™‚

  4. How do I choose a generator that is affordable? I want one for emergencies and my income is very low. I am on social security. I am determined to learn how to survive on my own. I live alone and don't want to have to stay elsewhere in an emergency. My cash flow is so limited, but I still want to learn what to do and hope I can get help with the expense of it all. Thanks for your videos. They are so very helpful.

  5. If it's locked outside, buy a hidden Tree might recognize the thief and take police to the person.

  6. My neighbor has some exotic yard ornaments displayed in her front of her porch that gets stolen on occasion. She has a motion detecting solar powered light that comes on and illuminates a dummy camera attached to a large sign that reads "smile for the camera".

  7. Question….what added benefit is there to etch your initials on the unit …IF…. you take pics of the model / serial number and keep purchase paperwork of the same? Serious question.

  8. I have the same cable and lock as you do for my generator. I use 2 cables and 2 locks hooked to both my generators. However I put 2 huge eye hooks into a large hole filled with cement which is not going to allow some thief to cut a tree down. I'll hear them trying to take it and greet them with a 12 gauge.

  9. Mine is in my car port in the back of my house. I moved my old cargo van, put the generator back there then parked the cargo van blocking the entrance enough so that a person can squeeze in, but nothing wider. If a thief (or two, since my generator weighs 120 pounds and I didn't put the wheels on it!) wants to try to lift that generator up and over my cargo van, they can have it!

  10. I just bought a greenlee job box to put my generator in. And the job box intern is screwing into concrete foundation. That should about prevent a thief from attempting to steal it.

  11. i have an idea in my mind. wondering if it would work. a metal cage with a flat metal plate on the bottom of both sides. (only two). put the generator in between my 2 cars on my driveway, drive my car tire on top of the flat plates. (one tire on one side of the cage, and one tire on the other side of the cage). if you need to move the genny, back up both cars. lift up the cage, move the genny. what do you think? is that a good idea? thanks. love the video.

  12. all you said was great other than the masterlock padlock they are no use,abus are 1000x better NEVER BUY MASTERLOCK YOU ARE WASTING YOUR CASH OR YOUR BETTER WITHOUT ONE.i would give masterlock 1 out of 100 ,they are crap.

  13. Don't use a cable, they can be cut through it in about 2 seconds with a bolt cutter, use a hardened chain instead. Also the lock shown in the video is worthless. Invest in a high quality u-lock, like a kryptonite, they are expensive but worth it.

  14. Great tips. My biggest problem is where to put the tracking device. How well does it handle the heat from the generator?

  15. I've had a costly generator stolen from me before a few yrs ago. SMARTS$$. Looking on here for tips from video and those who leave comments. Ordered today a smaller 100lbs 4550w generator from Walmart – best price I could find. Hurricane Florence last yr left us isolated without power. Want to keep Gen. this time right outside back door which is also very near our 5 big dogs' kennels, raised enough to be above storm water, protected from rains, as well as secure as much as possible, considering am limited money wise. Too bad I can't arm our dogs. THANKS for video.

  16. Godbless you sir. You are a very intelligent and incredibly handy guy. Thanks a million. You earned my Sub! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  17. Thank you for the tips. I am in Highlands county FL and we got hit very hard last time from Irma. I still do not have a generator. Oh boy…….. the joys of "roughing it"…… MISERY
    I honestly don't even know what type of generator to purchase or even where to begin. I do hope that (if or when) we lose power it won't be for TWO WEEKS like last time……
    This upcoming hurricane Dorian might be rough…….
    Bless you, thank you, and stay safe.

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