How to PROTECT Your Inground Winter POOL COVER | Swim University

How to PROTECT Your Inground Winter POOL COVER | Swim University

– On this episode we’re talking about protecting your inground
winter pool cover. And due to overwhelmingly
positive feedback, I’m going to continue making these videos. So thanks to everyone who responded. Now let’s do this thing. (high energy rock music) There are some enemies that threaten your inground
winter pool covering including ice, rain,
snow, trees, and animals. So to protect your cover against ice, let the ice melt so you can
remove the winter cover pump, and don’t try to remove
the ice when it’s frozen because it has sharp edges, and pool covers do not like sharp edges. You can also prevent ice buildup by keeping a half inch of
water on top of the pool cover. Unless you have a mesh cover, then it would just fall through. To protect your cover against wind keep that half inch of
water on top of the cover. That also helps with the ice. Kill two birds, one stone. Also, if you have a tarp cover, instead of a safety cover, use water bags or Aqua Blocks
to hold the pool cover down. Never, ever, ever use coffee cans or bricks or boards or anything like that because if they fall in the pool, they can damage your liner and that’s no bueno. To protect your cover against trees hire a professional tree specialist to remove any over-hanging limbs that may fall into your pool. Dead tree limbs are the number one cause to holes in swimming pool
covers during the winter, according to a study I read somewhere on the information super highway. You can also buy a swimming pool leaf net that covers the entire cover and installs right on top. Perfect. And finally to protect your
pool cover against animals you can install a sturdy fence that’s about five to six feet tall. And that’s usually enough to keep out any four-legged animals. Also, keep the cover clean so
no animals will be attracted to anything in your
pool in the first place. Bonus tip. Today’s bonus tip is brought
to you by The Art of Pool Care which is an illustrated downloadable guide that I created that covers everything you
need to know about pool care, including circulation,
cleaning and maintenance, water chemistry, troubleshooting, and opening and closing your pool. To buy it, go to www.– you don’t need to know that, go to and enter the promo code
VIDEO to get 5 bucks off. Now, if your cover has
suffered some damage points, and is in need of repair, you can temporarily
fix it using duct tape. Is there anything you
can’t fix with duct tape? Well– Anyway, patch holes promptly
to prevent them from spreading. For safety covers, or if you wanna use a better
patch on your solid cover, you can use mesh cover patches, which are available at
your local pool store, your cover manufacturer, or online. If you have any questions
about your pool or hot tub, go to www— again, Click message and send me your question. And for more information go to That’s it guys. Happy swimming. (upbeat rock music)

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  1. I am about to buy a safety cover, but I don't know if should get a mesh cover or solid cover. any vantage from one or the other? thanks

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