How to Punch Tutorial | 태권도 지르기 | Taekwondo Basics for Beginners | TaekwonWoo

How to Punch Tutorial | 태권도 지르기 | Taekwondo Basics for Beginners | TaekwonWoo

from your horseback ridings danced by bringing both fists on your side by getting ready for your first punch bring your right arms out and bring your punching head to middle section area and push your punching and start up shoulders slightly backward stop we'll take your both fists at the same time to complete your first punch okay now let's divide into three different sections high section middle section and low section you can practice each section on several times once if you're comfortable you can combine and alternate from the horseback stance punch made a punch and low punch happens between your nose and lips and middle section right into your solar plexus and law section little below then your belly button area one of the important thing when you punched coordinator your both hands and simultaneously with me is after one punch when you repeat the actions they'll bring your punching hands back to your waist properly will give you power and speed for your next punching hands so you could imagine that you strike one of your corne towards your elbow right behind you like that and your punch as you can see if you know how to coordinate your both hand properly you can feel much more power and momentum

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  1. what they don't teach you is that the fist at the belt means that you're susceptible to a hook on the side with the hand on the belt.

  2. Sir I wanted to Ask You about Number of Punches in taekwondo as people raise an objection about it?
    Are there many or just 2 to three
    I am talking about the W.T.F(not swearing) Style Taekwondo!

  3. I thought general Choi said never twist your shoulders, always keep them parallel. Or is this not ITF pattern punching?

  4. i really want know if does have any diference between taekwondo and Karate punches and blocks techniques, i was watching a karate video few minutes ago and i realized they are pratically the same…. of course, in hands and arms techniques.

  5. In a tournament I watch just now eveybody was getting kick in the head and not blocking with there hands is it against the rules to block with ur hands

  6. maybe it's because of the proximity of the Northern Shaolin temple to the Korean peninsula that the northern shaolin kung fu horizontal fist had influenced the way korean martial arts execute punches

  7. A Filipino filmmaker asks permission to use your video for small film…
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  8. i take mixed marital arts classes at the best school in the country its called tornado university of martial arts science and we have schools in honk kong china and detroit

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