11 Replies to “How To Put Grip Tape On Your Recurve Bow Handle”

  1. Good thing there's a video on how to do this because I bought a bow that comes with everything and I didn't even know what use of that tape was for… My bow already has a rubber handle so I didn't put on the grip tape and I kept it incase I ever need it.

  2. Hello again, I was wondering if there was a way of cushioning the grip as well? My hand get's a bit sore, from the constant pressure, of holding in the V part of my hand!

  3. Hate the idea to tape my beautiful bow. But I'll have do it too as it tends to slide off in hot day or shooting indoor. Thanks for the video.

  4. Hiya Anthony,

    I use the Well & Good pet bandage. It sticks to itself and does not leave residue and keeps palm dry. Lasts longer too.

  5. Two questions Anthony;

    1. Do you think the direction of the grip being applied can enhance anti-slip properties of the grip itself? I initially wrap my grip in the same way as you do – top to bottom – and while it performs well, I changed the direction from "bottom to top" after an advice by my oversea coach. Apparently the more pronounced "steps" from bottom up will go against the direction of the hand and this enhanced the anti-slip properties on the grip itself, and me personally found it easier to keep my bow hand in the same position on the grip at full draw due to this very reason. What's your insight on this?
    2. Between tennis racquet grip and badminton racquet grip, which one would you recommend? On the more detail part, do you recommend replacement grip or overgrip?

    Thank you for the great video.

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