How To Put Up Sheep Fencing Wire Easily Without A Strainer

How To Put Up Sheep Fencing Wire Easily Without A Strainer

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  1. Great video.  I made one of these and used it today for a new fence. Saved so much messing about.  Every line tight in one go and as someone else already noted, you can pull off the tow bar if there is no convenient tree!!

  2. as a fencing contractor who has taken part in national finals of fencing comps I have to say this is mostly a croc of shit
    Its a waste of good materials

  3. I made a strainer out of a couple of pieces of 4X2,and, eight 3/8 bolts about 30 years ago,and,am still using it. Connected a hefty short chain with a hook on the end,looped the chain and hook around the pull bar on a little Fergie tractor,and,the fence pulled up absolutely square. The boards were clamped with the 3/8 bolts onto the ringlock over one of the vertical wires,so kept it straight on then strain. The strainer boards still work even tho the tractor karked! 30 years ago we had to improvise, as a lot of the new fancy straining gear was just not available, as it is today.

  4. Nice fun vid – glad you were concise and didn't ram-ble on. How strong did you go with the corner post? ie. concreted in? depth? Any info would be much appreciated!

  5. I personally would use fencing pullers that are specifically designed to pull up the bottom and the top of the rylock, as opposed to using a ratchet strap that only tensions the middle and by the looks of things Not very tightly. Pulling off two strong Strainers also helps 🤣

  6. I wish I had been able to find these practical videos on hoof care & even the whole series on sheep 4 years ago when i was researching goat care. 🙂 Would you all mind if I link your videos to those who want quick, practical how-to care for animals? Sometimes the titles prevent specific searches from coming up when googled; but I think you all have the very best animal care videos I've seen even without saying a word. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us.

  7. Nice fun vid – glad you were concise and didn't ram-ble on. How strong did you go with the corner post? ie. concreted in? depth? Any info would be much appreciated!

  8. That's a waste of good materials to be honest, for about £20 more you could have bought four 6" strainers and dug them well in on that ground with a decent shovel. Welsh mountain sheep would just nose under your netting and wriggle under it the way you've erected it. From personal experience I've found that if you're fencing for a couple of days you might as well do it so it'll last 20 years. Netting needs to be tight, as in guitar string tight for a number of reasons, the main one is when it's very tight, it's rigid, so sheep can pull their heads back out of the squares easy, when it's loose, it becomes a noose.

  9. the sheep checking the bucket of tools os so gorgeous..I love your humour…your channel just discovered…!!!!

  10. I realise that your trying to keep costs down but, in the long run your only costing yourself more money!! Take the time and effort to dig in proper straining posts and struts. It will make a MASSIVE difference!! There are videos on how to do that on here that are very cost effective, check out tordado wire's video on it! (Although for what you guys are doing don't worry about the heal plate). Your cheap wire straining technique is a novel idea, but I have an idea, if you don't want to spend much, on improving it! Use two straps, one on top and one on the bottom. It will make a monstrous difference. If you use a proper straining post, you can pull the wire up to that, then the little bit of slack between your boards and the post you just pull each strand tight with your fencing pliers and staple to the strainer. Then take off your ratchets and boards, job done!! I hope this helps make your fences stock proof for many more years and last a lot longer 👍🏼👍🏼

  11. I am planning on getting sheep, later we wish to add horses, similar to yours (we seem to call them Gypsy Vanner) does this type of fence keep in the horses as well? I don't expect they are big jumpers…

  12. Is this High Tensile fence or mild steel? Planning my fence and don't want to get the wrong stuff and make my life difficult.
    Thanks for the great video.

  13. Clever! Thank you! Going to put up a fence like that for the first time and this really was helpful.

  14. Cheers for this, I was trying to think of how to get the tension without a proper strainer, and didn't even think of the ratchet strap.

  15. My lambs just had some "kids" and our 6×6 inch square fence isn't keeping them in do I put something like a little lower to the ground like 1×2 inch and about 3 feet tall or a little higher if anyone can get back it would be great thanks

  16. Awesome tip thanks. By the way your corner of the world is so much like rural New Zealand right down to the wild blackberry!!

  17. if a tree is not in the right spot, a truck's tow hitch would work too. I was thinking the same idea, my friend are going to raise turkeys this spring for a cash crop.

  18. I have a lot of bw fence to repair this spring. Good idea…Not very many trees around the east side of the property though. 

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