17 Replies to “How to Quickly Paint your Fence with Ronseal Precision Finish Fence Sprayer”

  1. Thanks guys for the comments and reviews I was tempted to buy one today but after reading comments I'm sticking with the good old brush method 👍

  2. No Ronseal products I've ever bought have done what they said on the tin, I assumed it must be my incompetence. Just bought this sprayer. Pros: It covers fast. Cons: It covers the floor and your clothes, It uses 3 litres to cover what 1 litre would cover with a brush, (see previous con about the floor!), the uneven spray pattern leaves the panel both dripping and uncovered at the same time, there is no difference whatsoever between setting 1 and setting 2. After doing one panel of my fence I gave up and used a brush meaning I'd wasted 2 hours masking up all the concrete posts. I will never buy another Ronseal product again.

  3. Just spent hours of back breaking work painting my fence panels with a brush. I still have lots more to do.

    Thought there has to be an alternative.

    See this video, think great.

    See the comments, think I’ll stick with the brush.


  4. Got this from right way as I have 36 panels to paint , what a disappointment, complete waste of time and money, no difference between the two settings and absolutely rubbish to paint the fences , gave up and got a brush instead 👎

  5. After 20s of using this I notices that it had put more pain on the floor than the fence. I was doing the top of the panel! There is no difference between the two settings. Truly awful product.

  6. I brought ones of these, I can't even describe the mess it made more on the floor than on the fence so returned it to B&Q.

  7. Just bought the sprayer and found this the best way:

    1) Fill sprayer and spray first fence panel, watch how the uneven spray distribution makes a mess of your fence
    2) Attempt second fence until the sprayer clogs up
    3) Empty paint back into a bucket and bin the sprayer
    4) Use a brush

  8. i paid £28 for one of these in the hope that it done exactly what it said on the tin. low and behold after 5 minutes of using i soon realised it was a complete waste of money. it really is useless. nothing like what you are trying to portray in the video. went straight back to the good old brush.

  9. As a tradesman, time is money, spent as much time clearing the jet and micro filter as putting paint on the fence.If only it worked as good as the video, some hope !! very disappointed, over to you Ronseal ?

  10. Looks like Ronseal have finally got it right, adjustable pressure !! well done Ronseal

  11. Can you use something like this to paint a shed or a small house? Or better off using roller and paint brush??? Thanks

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