How to read and return sidespin serve in table tennis

How to read and return sidespin serve in table tennis

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    Mr Emrattich is the above method not an easy to way to identify the spin?.

    And thanks for ur videos. Very informative and useful.

  2. but this is not how my opponents serve me their sidespin. They do it long and on my backhand not short and on my forehand like in this video.

  3. I can win against my opponent who is strong equal to me, but I loose against weak player. I forget the correct stroke. When I hit the ball my weak opponent blocks. But the blocked ball is too slow. My weak opponent do not know the correct strokes. I get mentally disturbed, tensed and do not do a correct stroke. I forget the key " power from the ground" and I cannot estimate where the ball bounces. Please help me coach, I completely believe in you

  4. Theo dõi nhiều video của anh thì, clip về vị trí đánh và clip này của anh là hữu ích, mang tính chuyên môn cao hơn là mấy clip nhan nhản trên mạng dạy bắt ngắn mang tính chung chung. Mong anh nghiên cứu ra clip về vấn đề sau khi chiến thuật chẳng hạn như: Đặt điểm rơi sau khi giao xoáy ngang để khai thác tấn công Third ball attack hiệu quả, tại sao phải đặt xoáy ngang bên trái tay hay bên thuận tay đối thủ, mục đích là gì sau quả giao banh xoáy ngang đó.
    Thanks a ; )

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this very important information. None of my coaches tought me how to return the ball. Gratitudes…

  6. So where exactly would u contact the ball on a forehand pendulum serve, with sidespin (y-axis) spinning clockwise… and sidespin (y-axis) spinning anti-clockwise?

    EDIT: This isn't associated much with the question too much but ive heard "corkscrew" spin (the spin that makes the ball actually *move* ) spins on the "z-axis". What does this mean and do u think u can further explain it in a video? Thanks, ive watched a lot of ur videos and i appreciaate ur hard work and knowledge 🙂

  7. Coach pingpangwang says "接正手位网前球目前国家队的教练还没有好的技术这可以从国家男女队的国际比赛看出来,多到民间去学学也许会有进步,见过几个民间高手接正手反手位网前短球就是直接起板不管是神马上下旋很少下网." -Is this true?

  8. Good tips! You should also mention that when returning short, you should be very gentle and loosen your grip and wrist.

  9. Thanks for this lesson, always very instructional, i'm working to be a "blocker/conter attatck", working with the error of the adversary and using their strengh, i'm 33 comming back to TT after a Computers Engineering college, as it is right now, i use a (5w2carbonOFF) blade (generic chinese), Stiga Neos on forehand, Dhs C8 longpimples hard on the backhand (for returning serves and variation, i change sides as needed), what material / player would you recommend for me to use/watch ? sorry for the english (brazil here), thanks again as your videos realy help in real life TT

  10. Greetings Coach!

    Professional players seem to be able to predict the placement of an opponent's serve with great accuracy. It looks like they are already moving at or before the first bounce! It's like magic to me!

    There are so many videos about how to read the spin of an opponent's serve but I can't seem to find one regarding how to predict the placement of an opponent's serve! Do you have any tips for us?

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!


  11. Hi Coach, This is regarding the Table Tennis Summer Camp at China table tennis college. I have mailed them my information on May 14 but I didn't got any reply. So, I mailed them again on May 23 just to hear any reply but still no reply. On June 8, 2018 I mailed them again so hey just send me a reply mail but still no reply. I don't think this is a legit event coach. Can you look into it?

  12. Thank you coach ! Very great info.. I just realized why Timo also used that rubber area near the thumb

  13. very informative thx. But still sometimes its useful to eat the spin (in a controlled manner) as your opponent does not expect that

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